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The Boil Up’s Jubt is this week’s Featured Base FM DJ. Jubt has been with Base since the very beginning and is at the helm of a simmering pot of Soul, Funk, Disco, Jazz, Boogie every Thursday night along with Kirk James and Average White DJ. When and how did you get into DJing? I was […]

As you may have noticed, things have been crazy off the hook round here lately with the new Digital Liberation movement. As a result, the Base DJ Feature – a favourite with you lovely Base website lurkers has been missing for the last weeks. But this week it is back! And there could be no better […]

At the risk of stereo typing, the Base FM office has been looking a little prettier and smelling a bit sweeter lately with the addition of a third woman to the Base HQ team. R.I.A is a DJ from the early days of Base FM, when she started up the Mixed Bizness show. Since those […]

Finn Jeppesen, aka FJ, has been supplying Base FM listerners with all kinds of reggae related goodness since the very birth of the station. You can still tune into Finn every Saturday from 8pm – 10pm when he spins Bashment, Dancehall andRoots on The Jugglin’ Show – perfect for starting your Saturday night off. If […]

Internationally renowned DJ Scizzorhands has always been part of the Base fam but we have finally gone and made it official and got him on a show. You can all listen to Sciz do what he does best every Saturday during Peace Of Dreams along with DJ Pause. We’ve just got the heads up that […]

This week’s Featured Base FM DJ is Sgt Benji of Thursday afternoon’s Riddim Culture. The father and son team of Sgt Benji and DJ Locksteady are this week moving from their 12pm slot to a new time of 2pm. Not too much of a change. Just means you’ll getting your weekly dose of Thursday afternoon […]

Kurt Dyer, aka DJ Tido of Wednesday morning’s Actual Proof Radio is Base FM’s Featured DJ this week. This Friday the DJ with the smoothest baritone in the city is going to be spinning out some funk, soul and latin nice times at the Kingsland Karnival. Catch him from 9pm on Friday night at Toro […]

This week’s Featured DJ is also one of our most loved, most respected DJs. Lo Key aka Mike Haru is one of the names that crops up the most when other Base DJs are discussing who influences them, who’s show they enjoy the most, who they look up to. If you’re not already one of […]

DJ Getafix, who has been with us since the very beginning, is moving down to Nelson to focus on his music. Getafix told us he’s made the decision after months of traveling back and forth for gigs. Once he convinced his lady the move was a good idea it was all on. Now he’s looking […]

Addison, from Tuesday afternoon’s Beat Poetics show with Ben Jamin, has been very busy working on beat maker compilations and getting ready to launch a clothing label. This weekend you can catch him playing at the High Noon Pool Party as W1se1. What song got you out of bed this morning?Treehouse – Dream Koala When […]

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