Featured Base DJ – Jubt

Written by on May 22, 2013

The Boil Up’s Jubt is this week’s Featured Base FM DJ. Jubt has been with Base since the very beginning and is at the helm of a simmering pot of Soul, Funk, Disco, Jazz, Boogie every Thursday night along with Kirk James and Average White DJ.

When and how did you get into DJing?

I was a scruffy Arts student at Auckland University and started volunteering at 95bFM, and was on air my second month there, filling in for some 12-2 slot when someone didn’t turn up. Later I did the Jazz Show and the Main Ingredient – the funk show.

When did you start DJing at Base?

Within a month of Base’s inception I got a call from then Programme Director Manuel Bundy. Although I had quit radio a couple of years earlier, Manny’s a hard man to turn down, and back to the community vibe that I associated with bFM when I was first involved there.

How do you listen to Base FM? (Freeview, Tunein app, Facebook stream etc…)

All of the above – any way required.

What song got you out of bed this morning?

The New Birth “I Can Understand It” – after seeing Bobby Womack perform this at The Civic last weekend, this has been swirling around my head nonstop, but heads know the earworm version is from Louisville’s The New Birth. Funky funky funky! I saw the Roots perform a ten minute version of this in a field in Sydney six years back – they killed it.

Favourite DJ?

Gordon Ramahere – no one mixes up the influences in a more ramshackle Boil Up style than Gordon.

If you could travel back in time to go to any gig/concert/festival, what would you choose?

Donny Hathaway Live at the Bitter End

You can tune in to The Boil Up every Thursday from 8pm – 10pm but for now, sit back and enjoy this little taste of Jubt’s selection styles below :


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