Featured Base DJ – Scizzorhands

Written by on March 31, 2013

Internationally renowned DJ Scizzorhands has always been part of the Base fam but we have finally gone and made it official and got him on a show. You can all listen to Sciz do what he does best every Saturday during Peace Of Dreams along with DJ Pause. We’ve just got the heads up that Scizzorhands will be opening for Pharoahe Monch on April 11th at The Studio – a great chance for all you heads to see the Redbull Thre3style Champ at his dopest. We had a chat with him in the lead up to that show to get the low down on the DJ’s favourite tunes, dream gigs, surprise talents and what he does when he’s (very rarely) not scratching….

When and how did you get into DJing?
I bought my first set up at 17 but didn’t really class myself a DJ till I was 18

When did you start DJing at Base?
Did a few fill in shows with Eddie Numbers back in 2010 and got invited to be part of the Peace Of Dreams show with DJ Pause at the start of this year

The last record you bought that would surprise listeners the most?
Freddie Hubbard – Echoes Of Blue

What song got you out of bed this morning?
haha I wake up most mornings with a song stuck in my head and this morning was New Day by The SkullSnaps

Favourite DJ?
My favourite DJ for years has been Mix Master Mike but lately more DJ Nu-mark.. Locally it has always been PMoney but loving Spell for sure

Favourite show on Base?
SMASHEY & NICEY 4pm Saturdays

First record/CD/tape cassette you ever bought?
First CD I went and bought myself I think was Michael Jackson Bad with a Voucher I was givin’ by my Nana

Guilty pleasure?
Listening to a lot of very old music Mo’ Town RnB sort of stuff… and the odd bit of Metal Rock Music

What’s your proudest achievement?
Getting to the World Final’s of RedBull Thre3style

What track do you open with to revive a dying dance floor?
Everyday People – Arrested development or Can’t Get Enough – Supergroove… nothing beats the classic

What do you do for fun when you’re not DJing?
OOoooohhh skate, thrash my car, bike ride … anything really, I’m rather active

What’s your party trick?
Haha Some Breakin’ after a Few Beers.. #Laugh

What would you save in a house fire?
My Wife (brains of my life) and my dog. Everything else is replaceable.

Worst job you’ve ever had?
hmmm the job I have at the moment – Panelbeating

Dream venue or party to DJ at?
The Do-Over or Palms Las Veges Pool party

Something most people don’t know about you?
I used to be a drummer and I Used to play the trombone hahahahaha

Favourite bar?
NZ – Rakino’s
Overseas – Reggie’s Rock Club (Chicago)

Top 3 concerts/shows of all time?
1-KRS One at Studio
2-La De Da 2012 (De La Soul)
3-RedBull Thre3style World Finals watching DJ Nu-Mark

What kind if set can people expect from you at Pharoahe Monch?
The Dopest shit from The Culture of Hiphop from my view



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