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Written by on March 4, 2013

DJ Getafix, who has been with us since the very beginning, is moving down to Nelson to focus on his music. Getafix told us he’s made the decision after months of traveling back and forth for gigs. Once he convinced his lady the move was a good idea it was all on. Now he’s looking forward to spending some serious time in the studio and being part of the newly revived local Jungle scene in that part of the country and helping relaunch Jungle/D&B collective, The Roast Crew.

He’s also just to head off on the Sounds From Mi Yard tour of the South Island, starting at Roots Bar in Takaka this Thursday (March 7th). If you’re lucky enough to be in the area, or looking for a good excuse for a getaway then this is definitely what you should be checking out. We recently had a korero with Mike about his upcoming tour, his work with Yardrock Records and what makes him tick as a DJ…

It’s his last show this week so make sure you tune into Euphonics on Wednesday night from 10pm – midnight. It’s gonna be a big one!

When and how did you get into DJing?
I got into DJ’ing in 1998.  I had always liked electronic music.  Although I had little understanding of classifying genres.  It was all electronic to me in varying ratings of goodness.  I had been into Jungle quite a lot since 1995 but yeah never realised the genre names so had no idea.  Then my first flatmate took me out to see DJ Trace at The Ministry on High St.  It was so, so awesome.  And that was it for me.  My main love musically ever since has been Jungle/D&B.  I love it, especially ragga influenced side of things.  So still in 1998, I met a mate called Barny Hards thru same flatmate.  Barny DJ’d, with fairly dark D&B being his style.  But yeah he taught me the very basics then left me alone at his house for a day and a half.  Then yeah, been doin’ it ever since.

When did you start DJing at Base?
The station started in May 2004 and I started July 2004.  Thanks heaps to Manual Bundy for giving me the chance.  But yeah, I been here ever since.

What song got you out of bed this morning?
Kenny Ken’s (Stick Bubbly Drumstep)Remix of Murder You. Only from a soundcloud clip though.  Oh how I want that tune so very badly.

Kenny’s  still a proper badman even though in a year from now it will be 20 years since he won the original “Junglist Soundclash” event in London, taking the title from competition like Micky Finn, Devious D, DJ Rap and more.  He is the don dada for sure.

The last record you bought that would surprise listeners the most?
Nothing really surprising that I’ve bought recently.  But did discover an amazing vocal talent in the deep south singing country and western in ruff pubs.
Her name’s Saelyn Guyton. She’s won the Golden Guitar awards 5 years running.  She does that as her living and didn’t have much exposure to different genres till a year to 2 years ago.  Now go check her out on Youtube with her new partner playing guitar with her.  As well some goodness comin’ on Organik Audio with Soulware.

Favourite show on Base (other than your own)?
The Hold Up with DLT & DT.  Those boys have tunes!!  And knowledge!  Some fully onto it fellas.  DLT has the most killa jungle collection.  And he can roll it out with the best.  But yeah, listen to them heaps.

First record/CD/tape cassette you ever bought?
First tape I ever bought with my own money was in 1989.  I was 9 years old and my older sister wanted whatever she got but also wanted Public Enemy – Fear of a Black Planet.  So she convinced me it was real cool till I bought it.  Her hope being I’d listen, not get it and give to her.

It was a difficult listen for a 9 year old white kid from Epsom, Auckland.   But I figured out her ploy.  So forced myself to really listen and enjoy it, almost out of spite I guess.  Bu yeah, learnt to love it and it turned out to be highly influential to me musically.

Oh and a 9 year old white kid singing 911 is a Joke is funny as.  Wish we had a video cam back then.

Guilty pleasure?
Seriously?  I been on station for 8+ years and in public eye for ‘bout as long too.  You must know ….  You’re taking the piss….. Next……

Oh right, musically.  That I’ll answer.  Kinda creepy but a couple of weeks ago I was barefoot in a dusty dance floor in the South Island having a wicked time gettin’ down to the badman – Grouch.   Dancing away big grin on and it’s Techno.  Oh and it’s like midday-ish  outdoors and beating hot sun. But yeah, guilty.  And I’d do it again.

What’s your proudest achievement?
Having Optimus Gryme call up my show out of the blue one night when I played a new tune by Olie Bassweight and I called Getaweight.  He was fully fizzing and reckoned it was best track he’d heard in ages.  And he just wanted to know who it was by etc.  STOKED!   And close second to that would be when he played that same tune during his D&B set at Karamea Music Fest.

What track do you open with to revive a dying dance floor?
At the moment it’s been a tune called Amen In Session by Jinx In Dub.  Full dance floor mover every time.

Your signature dish to impress friends with?
I do a bad bwoy chicken burrito. Love that mexican food so much.

What would you save in a house fire?
Money on heating Bills?

Worst job you ever had?
Worst job hands down was last year, thinkin’ I should grow up, I went to work for Tournament Parking.    Most horrible company and job ever.

Something most people don’t know about you?
Pretty much afraid of heights.  Unless I’m strapped into a harness.  But yeah, what a ridiculous fear. I’m 6’6″. I should be ok with heights.  I try to push myself past it whenever it comes up which is becoming easier with age.

Favourite bar?
Roots Bar in Takaka, South Island.  That’s why I’m starting the tour of the South Island Tour there next week.  Best Sound System, wicked outdoor area with open fireplace, great indoor outdoor flow.  And the owner Craig and his staff are outstanding. So, so friendly and accommodating.  So yeah, that one

Top 3 concerts of all times?
1)  KRS-ONE at The Studio 2012.  That man is amazing.  I was crammed into that club, ended up having to stand on a ramp at the back the whole time and the sound was an assault on my ears.  But even with all the stuff that makes The Studio a crap venue, he overcame to be the most outstanding gig ever!
2)  DJ Fierce at The Box  (some time 1999-2001).  My memory bit hazy on the date but massive influence as a DJ.
3)  Hard to decide.  But prob gonna have to go with the Methodman Without Redman tour.  WIth Boogie Blind, Rahzel and Prem.  Gig was choice.  Always loved all those guys.  And was dope getting to meet them when we picked them up at airport.  They were all real nice, super grounded cats. AWESOME!

What do you do for fun when you’re not DJing?
I love making beats.  Starting to finally get better at it too after a ridiculously long time.  But yeah, that’s prob my second favorite thing right after DJ’ing.

Other than music related, I’d say fishing.  Love that shit hard out.  But don’t get enough opportunities to get out and do it.

Favourite festival in NZ?
Karamea Music Festival, West Coast South Island.

I’ve been to heaps of festivals over the last 15 years.  Some amazing line ups and some great set times for me.  But not one even came close to this one.  Was just on from 15-17 February.  The vibe at that gig was, and still is, unbelievable.  So much goodness all in one place and a huge sound system with a real eclectic heap music.  Hard to articulate how good this was.  Go see reviews on the facebook event page.

No matter how hard it might seem to get from wherever you are in the world to there next year, JUST DO IT!  You will probably have to come and thank me for telling you about it by end of the weekend.  Such a good feeling even remembering it now.

Tell us more about your upcoming tour.

Well, the tour is a project I took on to try raise the public’s awareness of A) Jungle Music and B) Yardrock Records.
‘Cause with jungle having a resurgence at the moment things are getting real fun again.  There’s quite a lot more jungle coming out of a decent quality too.  And leading the push of getting that out is RIQ Yardrock.  The label is headed up by none other than Marvellous Cain (if ya don’t know then Youtube him and check out tunes like Hitman, Dubplate Style & Jump Up to name a few).  Marvellous has been at the forefront of the scene for 20+ years and now is bringing the next generation of producers through on the label.  Many of the releases are new remixes of classics so that always makes for fun times.   I got hooked up with the label in October last year and I’m their only representative in Australasia and in future I will be a point of contact for artists from this region.

So basically this tour is about promoting all of that and I’ve got about the next year or so of upcoming releases as well as a few dubs that may never see release, as well as my normal mixed bag of ragga flava goodness.  I’m gonna be smashing them at vennues around the South Island starting with Takaka on the 7th March.
Waiting on confirmation of other dates etc but can say we look to be hitting at least Queenstown, Dunedin, Christchurch, Timaru and all will finish up in Nelson.  Keep a look out.

And what about the move to Nelson?
I’ve been doing heaps of gigs there since new years and flying there and back at least once a week, which I’m fully over now.   I’ve wanted to live there for years though and took my lady down there for the first time in mid January.  She fell for the place and so my decision was real easy once she was on board.  I’ve got quite a few musical mates down there so it will be fun.  Gonna be making tunes as usual but at least down there I have mates with studios with monitors in them.  I am so over making tunes in headphones.  So that’ll be dope.

The local D&B/Jungle crew down there originally was The Roast Crew  and included people like Alion, Fiction(organikismness/soulware), Gibblah (borderline) and more.  But people moved Phat closed etc, things changed.  But now with the local scene looking for things to do we are launching The Roast Crew Reload with original founding member Alion, Luccid, Elusiv, DMG MC and me.  So yeah things are gonna be dope down there real soon.  Actually I’m just trying to sort out getting a Roast Crew Sound System too.  If that happens we’ll be Unstoppable.

Yes annoying…. But Unstoppable!

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