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Written by on November 7, 2012

This week’s featured DJ, Keegan Fepuleai, not only hosts a great show here every Wednesday, he’s also brought over some of the best live acts we’ve seen in the past year.

Banker turned bro, Keegan is at the helm of #jusayin. Responsible for creating a local platform with a global focus for local beat makers, his approach to events, culture and touring acts has been applauded by the Base FM faithful and many of New Zealand’s foremost musical authorities, selectahs and musicians alike. In the past year #Jusayin have given Auckland:

Onra, Om Unit, Oddisee, Ras G, Dibiase, Eric Lau, Knxwledge, Dark Sky, Benny Tones, Jet Jaguar and Kane Ikin

While also breaking acts such as: The Side Steps Quintet (In its original two man capacity), Loui The ZU and Estere

Known by an international audience for his work at Project Mooncircle and Finest Ego, Keegan quickly gained a reputation for recognizing new and emerging talent. Releasing the Finest Ego | New Zealand & Australian Beatmakers Compilation, he introduced the globe to small bedroom producers from the South Pacific.

Now focusing on #Jusayin, they plan to push Auckland culture through their events and by diversifying.

“Auckland is at a critical point. In the past, so many of our creatives have gone off shore to chase the ‘dream’. Now we have become self aware of how amazing Auckland is and can be”

#Jusayin hope to work along bigger brands and the council & government to bring relevant, forward thinking & world class events, culture & knowledge to Auckland city.

Launching a record label later this year they have some exciting new local talent who are working on productions as well as an international compilation for the South Pacific Summer.

Coming up next for #Jusayin is the High Noon party on Saturday, November 17th. For this edition of High Noon, #Jusayin has teamed up with the British Council to bring over a mean line up of Floating Points, Fatima and Alexander Nut. There will also be an array of amazing food and drinks on offer, a feature that has come to be a touchstone of all High Noon events. The party is being held at a secret location so check out this link for more details.

As well as The Base FM Drive on Wednesday, you can catch Keegan on U Live every Saturday evening as he plays new, old and interesting music from NZ and abroad on TV.

Follow Keegan on twitter for the latest #jusayin updates and more

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