RADIOWAVES | Old School Vs New School

Written by on November 8, 2012

The final Radiowaves event for the year brings together a talented group of like-minded individuals who’s musical experience spans decades. Teaming up some of NZs pioneering Old School DJs, MCs & Producers alongside a selection from the New School pack who carry on this great tradition.

Producer Set: Submariner | Ben Jamin

SeratoVideo (VJ) set: Killamanraro | Miso-Shiru

Emcee: King Kapisi (Mr Fugg You) | Piata (SuperVillains RMC)

DJs (Analogue): Dan Tippett | Addison

DJs (Digital): Chip Matthews | Milo B

SATURDAY 24th November | RAKINOS | $10 from 10pm

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