Truth "Puppets"

Written by on September 13, 2010

Truth, undoubtedly New Zealand’s greatest Dubstep export, release their debut album ‘Puppets’ through Australian label Aquatic Lab. ‘Puppets’ follows two 12″ releases on Aquatic Lab, ‘Terror Planet’/‘Disappear’ and ‘Revelation’/‘Lost At Sea’.

Truth is Andre Ferndandez, Tristan Roake and Julian Van Uden. Hailing from Christchurch NZ, one of the world’s most southern cities, the theory that isolation breeds creativity has never been as apt as it is for Truth.

“We’ve been producing music together for 10 years, and were introduced to the sound of dubstep by Mala. Originally we met through a shared love of music, always bumping in to each other at the same gigs in the late 90s. A couple of years later we decided to start producing music together and things have flowed from there. When Mala played us his signings on Deep Medi a few years back, the style appealed to us immediately, and we were inspired to start making music which worked within the dubstep sound.”

Their sound encompasses an array of melodies, vocals and spacious beats that range from half-step stompers to deeper, profound realms of sound. One common element underpins every track though: a heavy bassline riddim. Truth go on to state:

“‘Puppets’ is an album which aims to give the listener a snapshot of the Truth sound as it currently stands. This is sub-oriented bass music, meant to be turned up loud! The vibe is dark and a little bit cinematic in places. Overall the album is a combination of big dance floor tunes for the club and some deeper darker numbers to put people on edge. It’s also definitely a listening album, meant to be appreciated in its entirety.”

Truth’s dubplates have received DJ support around the globe from artists such as Mala, Skream, Joe Nice, Hatcha and N Type, with their beats being dropped at shows from Club Love in New York City to DMZ in London, as well as featuring on radio stations BBC Radio One, Kiss and Rinse.

Truth’s big riddims have been quickly snatched up by a number of established labels such as Mala’s seminal label Deep Medi Musik and Skream’s Disfigured Dubs label. Truth have also recently released a 12” on BOKA Records, along with remixes for artists such as The Nextmen, Ms Dynamite and Silverclub. Alix Perez has included his collaboration with Truth on his debut album ‘1984’.

Truth are one of New Zealands most in demand live dj groups, performing at every major party across New Zealand. They have a devoted legion of followers across New Zealand and the globe eagerly awaiting the arrival of ‘Puppets’.

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