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Tuesday 8-10pm with Grassmouth

GrassmouthSix years ago while wandering the stagnant streams of West Auckland, a group of youths made an extraordinary discovery. What at first glance may have seemed to be a common variety duck, was in fact a champion amongst the species. This duck had a commanding presence among its peers, as well as a healthy appetite for Woodstock bourbon. The one distinguishable feature of this noble creature was a single blade of grass comfortably hanging from the corner of its mouth… err beak, like something out of a 1950’s gangster movie.

Out of shear admiration for the animal, and fear of retribution if they did any different, three youths took up the challenge to spread the word of the duck, aptly naming the collective Grassmouth. These three were dubbed Christafari, the Creation Steppa and the Burning Lancewood by their leader. As the message of the winged prophet was at times quite mixed and incoherent, so too was the selection of tunes used to spread it. Nevertheless, West Auckland party goers took a shine to the weighty bass lines and jump up grooves the trio would bring, always slipping into something a bit up tempo once the clock struck ‘naughty’.

Currently down a couple of members, who has been flying the flag in the Melbourne scene, their forces are slightly weakened but their resolved is just as strong.

Now Grassmouth is taking the message to the airwaves Tuesday evenings. Lock it off from8-10pm to hear the calamity that would ensue if your local rabble of ducks were to don a pair of cans and slap their webbed feet on the Start button. Endeavouring to bring you some fresh cuts every week as well as the music that will never die.

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  1. Thomas Cotton   On   September 5, 2017 at 6:00 am

    Hey man, I used to listen to nearly everyone of your songs on SoundCloud. I still try and find the old freshly cuts. I’m getting out the military and your music helped me through it and want to keep listening to it. Where do you have your music posted.

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