Loop Select 009 – KONO 2

Written by on September 17, 2010

Loop translated to Maori can mean Kono: “To weave the handle of a basket to carry”. We are proud to present another basket full to the megabyte max of conscious content. Music, short films, motion graphics, music videos and live concerts. A fresh crop of musical talent coupled with some next-level short films and videos.

The package features 25 songs, 10 amazing New Zealand Short Films from the NZ Film Commission, 8 music videos and exclusive live clips from the likes of Jayson Norris, Fly My Pretties and Eru Dangerspiel.

Key films include ‘Tama Tu’ an unreleased award winning film from the director of ‘Boy’, ‘Coalition of the Willing’ – a 15 minute animated film from 14 of the world’s best animators and 8 more (all award winning) NZ short films. As usual the CD is full of amazing and fresh NZ talent.


  1. A Hori Buzz – Glitter in the Gutter
  2. Isaac Aesili – Red Horizon ft. Deva Mahal
  3. Benny Tones – Nevermind ft. Mara TK
  4. Lewis McCallum – First Date ft. Francis Kora
  5. Switch Sanchez Nacoa – Can’t Help It ft. Sacha Vee
  6. Sola Rosa – Turn Around ft. Iva Lamkum (Rmx)
  7. Tape Loops – Never Do That ft. Finley Quaye
  8. The Nomad – Devil in the Dark ft. Julia Deans
  9. jr kong – 6pm in the Morning
  10. Coast – Woman
  11. Red Bantoo – Breeze
  12. Thievery Corporation – Truth & Rights (Original Mix)
  13. Ed Solo & Skool of Thought – We Play the Music ft. Darrison
  14. Dutch Rhythm Combo – Venom ft. Joe Dukie & Hollie Smith
  15. Zwicker –     Made Up
  16. Module – World Goes Round
  17. Karlmarx – Mists
  18. Eru Dangerspiel – Chilli Moules
  19. Tommy Ill – Johnny Rotten Appleseed
  20. Yule – A Mess
  21. jr kong – Train Spotting
  22. Ivanhoe – Digits ft. Steve Mathieson
  23. The Midnights – Conspiracies
  24. Coast – Woman (Dave Grimus Remix)
  25. Ghost – Postcards from the Edge



  • 10 previously unreleased and amazing NZ short films.


  1. Rhian Sheehan – Part 3
  2. Sola Rosa – Humanised ft. Bajka
  3. Isaac Aesili – With You In My Bed ft. Aaradhna
  4. Tommy Ill – Come Home Mr. Ill
  5. Samuel F. Scott & The B.O.P. – Raver on Probation
  6. James Duncan – A Obvious
  7. Paul McLaney – Many More Days of Happiness


  1. Eru Dangerspiel – You Would Know
  2. Fly My Pretties – It’s Never Blown Like It’s Goin’
  3. Jayson Norris – Time and Time Again Live
  4. Mystro – At Splore 2010

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