Written by on February 19, 2018

‘Old Zealand’ is the debut album by Ryan Hendriks, a founding member of Auckland’s Grown Room collective. Referencing both his Dutch and Māori cultural heritage, ‘Old Zealand’ is a homage to his ancestors who co-existed before this land was named ‘New’.

Vocally mixing complex, multi-layered lyrical content over diverse beats from multiple producers. The project is dense with themes of existential thought, past/present inertia and cultural globalization stylistically inspired by his experience whilst living in Europe.

‘Old Zealand’ includes vocal features by fellow Grow Room members Cleophus & Shiraz, with production by a range of local producers including Kruff Kurtis, DustyMelody, Pat Stewart (Pea Stew), Golden Fern, Scraps The Supplier and SammieSosza.

Check out Ryan Hendriks previous work with Bad Crop (alongside Ethan), and Free Minds (with DustyMelody).

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