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TALKING POINTS on Base FM – hosted by Dylan C Thanks to NZ On Air Music Date: May 2018 Guest reviewer: DUSTY MELODY Featured release: MAX MARX & FRIEDRICH CALLOWAY ‘at Carnegie Hall’ Released: 2010 https://maxmarx.bandcamp.com/album/max-marx-and-friedrich-calloway-at-carnegie-hall Featured track #1: FINITE Featured track #2: STARS Featured track #3: WINGS DUSTY MELODY beat-maker/producer out of the Grow […]

‘Old Zealand’ is the debut album by Ryan Hendriks, a founding member of Auckland’s Grown Room collective. Referencing both his Dutch and Māori cultural heritage, ‘Old Zealand’ is a homage to his ancestors who co-existed before this land was named ‘New’. Vocally mixing complex, multi-layered lyrical content over diverse beats from multiple producers. The project is […]

The Grow Room is proud to present our third LP release, courtesy of long-time resident and traditionalist hip-hop production proponent Dusty Melody. Through this album Dusty Melody manages to transfer his experiences of urban-city struggle through to his most fluid means of expression and mood-telling in the form of head-nod inducing beats. Fellow collaborators DJ […]

“Badcrop is the dying pot plant next to the tv in your living room. Badcrop is the nasty fungus forming on the tinea infested toes of Auckland City.” This weeks LOCAL EYES is Badcrop with their latest video offering ‘Human Being’. The tune was produced by Dusty Melody & Golden Fern and the video directed by Stjohn Milgrew. […]

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