Free Minds

‘Old Zealand’ is the debut album by Ryan Hendriks, a founding member of Auckland’s Grown Room collective. Referencing both his Dutch and Māori cultural heritage, ‘Old Zealand’ is a homage to his ancestors who co-existed before this land was named ‘New’. Vocally mixing complex, multi-layered lyrical content over diverse beats from multiple producers. The project is […]

TALKING POINTS on Base FM – hosted by Dylan C Thanks to NZ On Air Music Date: May 2016 Guest reviewer: Bailey Wiley Featured release: FREE MINDS ‘Dust & Dirt EP’ Link:… Featured track #1: Pōhutukawa (Intro) Featured track #2: 90%90 Featured track #3: Dontshootthemessenger Released December 27, 2015. Dust & Dirt is a […]

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