IA ‘Ororuarangi’

Written by on February 22, 2021

This week’s Local Eye’s is something a little different with a live performance by Newly formed Māori music collective ‘IA’.

The band held an intimate concert in the Pukemokemoke Bush Reserve in front of a live audience, as a creative way to debut their new single, ‘Ororuarangi’. IA has united nature and music with a taonga pūoro (traditional Maori instruments) performance in the forest.

An audience was invited to the bush setting and each person was given a set of wireless headphones to hear the performance while it was being simultaneously recorded. Audience member Amanda Harper said the event was a dreamlike experience. “Listening to the band play live while we wore the headphones in the middle of the bush was a surreal experience. It allowed us to become intimately involved with the music that was being created in that space. As a Māori, listening to our traditional instruments in the ngahere (forest) made me feel nostalgic and imagine a time long ago, I would love to experience it again!”

IA compose contemporary music with the use of traditional instruments at the centre of their compositions. This particular song features the voice of the putorino, a traditional flute, whose shape resembles the case moth, who embodies Hineraukatauri the atua (goddess) of music. It was this connection to the case moth which led to the forest being the chosen location for the song’s debut performance.


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