OB & Shans “The Low End Theory” – Top Radio Show of 2020

Written by on February 19, 2021

A huge congrats to the boys of Low-End Theory, OB & Shan for their recognition as a top radio show in 2020 by radio blogger DJ Nigel Gentry!

The boys started their show back in May of 2020, with their show new to the radio waves this is an amazing achievement for The Low-End Theory. The show was born in lockdown when 2 mates from 2 cities decided to stream across the pond to 2 countries sounds like a great idea, so the boys decided to use all the technology at their disposal to dish up the best in funk, hiphop, reggae, disco, house, soul and boogie classics, and future classics every week for your listening pleasure.

Streamings from straight outta’ Melbourne &  Sydney host DJ’s Obliveus & Shan are two well-repsected party-rockers, with over 20 years’ experience gigging throughout Australia and abroad. The lads know a thing or two about songs that work the room the right way and love nothing more than sharing their very large base of music with listeners each week on all formats.

Broadcasting weekly, they showcase talent each week from labels and artists that don’t get the headlines but deserve to and will also be discussing the ins and outs of what it’s like to rock dance floors on the regular.

Tune into Base FM 10am-12pm Thursday, and Sunday 10pm-12pm for replays.

Or tune in on your own schedule with their Mixcloud HERE

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