Native Tongues 22 February 2021

Written by on February 24, 2021

This week on Native Tongues…

Featured Artist: K-99
Featured Tracks: ‘2030 Mogul’ and ‘Pressure’

K-99 is a rapper and music producer from Wellington. Keep an ear out for K-99 as he has another brand new single set for release early March.

Check out his music –

Featured Artist: Jayrad
Featured Track: Underground / Now & Again

Jayrad is one half of the Kiwi duo ‘Woolyboyz’ but is stoked to have his solo artist name out there with this brand new track off an upcoming mixtape.

Originally from Hamilton, he’s done a bit of travelling and is now based in Katikati working with Kiwifruit and living in his Toyota Hiace van. He set up a little studio in the van and this track and a few others were all made inside. Epic!

Jayrad’s Home/Van studio!

Featured Artist: Woolyboyz
Featured Track: Beachfront [prod. Carrillo]

Brand new track from the Woolyboyz (Jayrad and Benji) who we first featured on Native Tongues in June 2020 and have been steadily making music. This track was produced by Carillo and was written and recorded together in Jayrad’s van at Waipu Cove. Just another day at the office for the boys! Legend.

Give Woolyboyz and Carrillo a follow and check out their mixtapes.

Featured Artist: Phulaphekt and Envioso
Featured Tracks: ‘Te Haerenga’ and ‘Navigate’

Introducing Ngāpuhi Emcees Envioso and Phulaphekt who released their EP ‘Kaupapa Driven 2’ just before the lockdown began in March 2020. I’m late to this release but better late than never! This EP is filled with dope lyrism covering important topics.

The common ground between these two Emcess is their dedication, passion and commitment to empowering Maori and advocating for Te Reo Maori which is strongly themed throughout both ‘Kaupapa Driven’ (released 2019) and ‘Kaupapa Driven 2’ EPs.

Featured Artists: DONBIZZY x Shaebaby x Just. D
Featured Tracks: ‘SUMMERTIMESHINE (feat. NOÉ)’ and ‘HOT 4 U’

Wellington artists DONBIZZY, Shaebaby and Just. D dropped an insane mixtape titled ‘You Can’t Beat UnderWelly On A Good Day: Summer Pack’ and is the first of 4 tapes by DONBIZZY this year.

Check it out here and give these guys a follow

Featured Artist: Just. D
Featured Tracks: ‘Better Dayz’

‘Bright lights and standing in front of mics telling stories bout my life, the world through my sight and what I’d change if i get to do it twice.’ – Just.D 

Featured Artist: Shaebaby
Featured Track: Isolation Interlude

Featured Artist: NOÉ
Featured Tracks: ‘“VILA DE ROMÔGYFO w/ ANKAEu Dovo

Check out this amazing Artist.

Featured Artist:Imugi 이무기
Featured Tracks: ‘SWIMMING FEAT. HANS’ and ‘MEMORIES’

Imugi 이무기 serve up two pop bangers for a double single release.

‘SWIMMING’ – Since early days, Imugi’s musical journey has been closely enmeshed with long-time collaborator and good friend Hans’. attending the same high school and coming from similar cultural backgrounds. A collaboration aligned by the stars, identities threaded together by their migrant Kiwi-Korean upbringings, Hans. and Imugi 이무기 lovingly drop the next single of their creative journey together.

‘MEMORIES’ – The second bouncy single off Imugi 이무기’s double feature release is ‘Memories’, a candid track questioning the validity of external perceptions and the forces that shape our motives.

Make sure to catch them performing at upcoming Splore Festival.




Featured Artist: Smashproof
Featured Track: Broken Chains [Cody Wave Remix] (feat. Ché-Fu)

Like Ché-Fu and DLT’s song ‘Chains’ that inspired it, ‘Broken Chains’ from Smashproof (and featuring Ché-Fu) is a protest song about the challenges New Zealanders – and in particular Maori and South Pacific Island communities – face in the modern world. Of the song and Ché’s involvement, TY says “This song is about generational chains that need to be broken and addressed. What better way to reach our people than with a true pacific pioneer? …as well as being one of the great New Zealand singers, Ché and DLT were some of the first pacific island artists to talk about real issues in their music, and they paved the way for many of us”. Getting together over numerous sessions in 2019 as part of the 10 year celebrations of their #1 single ‘Brother’, Smashproof wrote and recorded a range of songs together and decided to release them . ‘It was great to get back in the studio and write together’ says group member Deach. ‘We have grown up, and moved on down different life paths, but we still have the chemistry to write awesome songs together as a group’. ‘Broken Chains’ is mastered by Angus McNaughton, who also co-wrote the #1 single ‘’Chains” with Che Fu and DLT in 1996


Cody Wave comes from a musically talented family in the Hawkes Bay. He has built quite a reputation in the NZ urban community working with TY, Smashproof, PT, Sid Diamond and Mikey Mayz to name a few. He is also in a group called O.D who feature on his debut single ‘Royaly’ along with TY, PT and Mark Graham.



Featured Artist: Hi-NES
Featured Track: Colours

Hi-Nes is Hinerongonui Kingi, an R&B, soul singer, dancer and actress originally from Rotorua who has come from a musical family and has performed alongside various New Zealand artists including Whirimako Black and Troy Kingi. Before deciding to follow her dream of becoming a solo artist Hi-NES was the lead vocalist for her family band, lived and performed live music in Dubai before travelling the world as a dancer and actor. She is a singer, songwriter, contemporary and hip hop dancer, an actress, cultural entertainer, kapa haka performer, performing arts tutor and plays the drums, guitar, bass and keyboard. She is also a bodybuilder, qualified journalist and has a certificate in Rongoa Maori proving there isn’t a lot Hi-Nes can’t do.

Colours is a love song collaboration written and filmed on Auckland’s Maraetai Beach.


Featured Artist: Champ Kingdom
Featured Track: Mi Say Nah

Champ Kingdom is a South Auckland based Artist hailing from the Cook Islands and Barbados. Check out this cool video of when he came into Base a while back…


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