Featured Base DJ – Nick FitzHerbert

Written by on November 27, 2012

This week’s Featured Base FM DJ is a bit of a dark horse but he has in fact been here at the station since the very beginning. Nick FitzHerbert has been holding down The Basement with Nabeel Zuberi for about 8 years now. The show started off it’s life as a Saturday afternoon thing, sandwiched between the Headspace and Manaia Toa.

The Basement is now on every Monday night from 8 – 10 pm, perfect for soothing your post weekend come down.

By day, Nick works at the Medical School at the University of Auckland but it’s his diverse collection of 7″s that makes him one of our more interesting DJs. He listens to many different genres but has a particular weakness for Hiphop, especially Hiphop from the 80’s. Nick also collects a lot of 7″s full of electronic sounds and has spent this year collecting a whole bunch of Skweee – an electronic genre originating in Scandinavia. Nick also grew up in the Philippines which means he grew up with slightly different musical influences than your average Kiwi kid. Told you he’s interesting.

As well as being a great DJ, Nick is also pretty handy with a camera. You can see some of his work on Flickr and follow him on Instagram.

For most of this year, Nick’s DJing has been restricted to spinning tunes here in the studio but you’re all in for a rare treat as Nick has recently agreed to a spat of gigs. Last week alone he played at the New Zealand Noise Makers International gig at Whammy Bar as well as the Elam Graduate Show. He is planning on playing more gigs over the summer but don’t wait till then, go see Nick at Golden Dawn from 6 – 9 this Saturday (Dec 1) where he is DJing along with Nabeel. Nicks says he’s put together a set of 80’s Hiphop, Funk and Electronic stuff so don’t miss out on hearing some of those 7s for yourself.

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