Featured Base DJ – Kutcorners

Written by on October 9, 2012

This week’s featured Base FM DJ, Kutcorners has just had his dope remix of Telephone’s “Last Time” released on Fool’s Gold. You can jack it right here.

Matt aka Kutcorners, has just arrived back home after 12 years DJing around Canada and the States and putting out music with his Vancouver based crew, The Freshest. Luckily for us, his cousin Base DJ de Friez convinced him to come back home and work at Serato with him and now the two host Radio Deep Freeze every Sunday night from 6 – 8pm.

Defriez and Kutcorners grew up together in Christchurch. They both discovered Hiphop together and Nick aka de Friez showed Matt how to work the turntables back when they were teenagers. The two of them came up through the Skateboard/Rap world and have a similar love of beat based music that includes a wide array of sub genres. Which is exactly what you’ll find during their show. You could hear anything from New Wave to Trap to some old school R&B to indie dance.

He’s heading back to the states in November to play “The Rub” party in Brooklyn but don’t worry, he’ll be sticking around here for a bit.

Keep an eye out for Kutcorner’s new ep of original music due for release in the coming months.

And if Sunday evenings aren’t enough, here’s how you can get some more Kutcorners in your life:

Mixcloud live set



Live with The Freshest on Youtube

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