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Written by on December 9, 2012

This week’s Featured Base DJ is Konjah, aka Emmett Bower, of Tuesday’s late night Roots & Future show. Konjah is part of the huge line up of Base FM DJs at the inaugural (and infamous) Base FM Xmas Party this weekend. He’s also got a new release out this week but more about that in a minute…

Konjah originally got into DJing in 2000 after a short stint of electronic music production with a mate making DnB and house. He then got back into production when he discovered Ableton about 6 years ago but he’d never eased up on the crate digging.

However, even though he started out in DnB, Konjah says he lost interest in the genre a couple of years ago when he felt it had become too stagnated and the breakbeat driven jungle vibe of the music had become largely a distant memory. He finally gained some new direction and inspiration when he teamed up with Original Vibe over three years ago now. Original Vibe was experiencing a similar fatigue with dubstep (he was long over DnB by then) and the two DJs both renew their interest in the roots of the music they loved, delving back into classic house, old skool, hardcore, jungle, garage and techno. This coincided with an explosion in music aligned with these roots: UK Funky, Future Jungle, Juke/Footwork, Garage and various new interpretations of house.

Konjah and Orginal Vibe then  took over the Tuesday night slot from OLS-1, though they had both been guesting on the show long before then. The new show was called Roots and Future, a title that truly reflects it’s vibe and purpose

This change in musical taste lead to an obvious change in production flavour so Konjah has encorporated his DnB leanings into house, future jungle and footwork styles.

2012 has the DJ/Producer finally getting recognition for his production with 3 releases on various UK labels, air play on BBC Radio 1 and Rinse FM as well tunes being rinsed by the likes of Om Unit, Machinedrum and Fracture.

And to help you all get through your Monday/post Do-Over come down, here’s the new release from Konjah! Just released today so get on it now.

Keep a look out for a combined release with fellow Base DJ Flex aka Steezie Wonder coming out on Top Drawer Digital January 1, 2013.

You can relive the Roots & Future goodness over on their Soundcloud and Mixcloud pages. Make sure you like the Roots & Future Facebook page to stay in the loop with any other releases as well as gigs the two are playing at.

We’re all really looking forward to seeing Konjah do his thing at the Base Xmas Party this Saturday 15/12, and he in turn is looking forward to seeing all you on the dance floor at Rakinos.

Clear Conceptions 13 [CRCS13] Desire/Looking down OUT 10/12/12 by konjah

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