Featured Base DJ – Grantis

Written by on October 21, 2012

You have only three more chances to catch this week’s featured DJ on Base. Grantis aka Grant Apiata is taking off to Hawaii and then Seattle for three months (Who us? Jealous?) so the last Afternoon Delight show will be on November 10th. Every Saturday afternoon till then, Grantis will be bringing you a heady mix of reggae, hiphop and soul with an extra generous helping of 90’s RnB. If you’re lucky you might get a rare bit of his secret forbidden love, Country.

As well as having an unbeatable knack for digging up 90’s classics, Grantis is a very talented photographer. When he’s not spinning here at Base or at bars around town, he’s snapping inspired pictures of people and places. Infact, he’s usually doing that while he’s DJing too.

Many of the better photo galleries on our Facebook page are thanks to Grant but it’s on the G13 Facebook page where you can see the full range of his work. Everything from moving portraits to street art and spectacular landscapes. If you’re getting hitched soon the bro also does really cool wedding photography and as we mentioned before, you can’t beat him for your party photographer.

Luckily for us, Grant will be back in the country next year to finish his degree in Maori Development so we can all look forward to more Afternoon Delight in the future. Don’t miss these last few shows though. Every Saturday 2 – 4pm.

Follow Grantis on twitter for Afternoon Delight playlists (and witty Northland flavoured banter)
Kill some time on his Tumblr page
Relisten to his shows and catch the odd mixtape on Mixcloud
He’s also killing it on that Instagram buzz so look for Grantis 13 there




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