Featured Base DJ – Dylan C

Written by on December 18, 2012

The profile page for this week’s Featured DJ tells you a lot about his background, what kind of music he plays and the three different shows he hosts but what none of that says is that Dylan C is one of the hardest working DJs here at the station.

As Programme Director it’s Dylan’s job to make sure every single time slot here is filled by a great DJ with a unique and enjoyable show. Of course, that only scratches the surface of what D.C does here at the station (making ads, finding new music, running this website, organising guests for shows…do we need to go on?) so it’s amazing that he has time to host three different shows on top of all that. As well co hosting Base Breakfast with Chip Matthews, he also brings you our proudly 100% NZ music show, Native Tongues, along with Eddie Numbers every Monday afternoon and then of course still holds down his OG spot, The Headspace, every Saturday afternoon. Each show has a very distinct flavour and style which is a testament to Dylan’s wide reaching, exhaustive and eclectic music knowledge.

We could use this space to inform you that Dylan started out as a guitarist in a death metal band in Te Puke, that he has a Bachelor of Music, that he’s been at the station since the beginning or that his enviably huge record collection was helped along by his long tenure at Real Groovy (where he was also a dangerously persuasive vinyl pusher for many other DJs around town) but you could read all about that on his profile on this page.

However, what his profile leaves out is a fact that Dylan himself may not admit, but he loves having the dance floor in the palm of his hand and keeping them there for as long as possible. It’s not unusual to see D.C playing a 4 hour set because no one’s ready to stop dancing, or going 9 hours straight, racing from one bar to another all night. And I’m sure many of you have experienced the following scenario. It’s 2:45 in the morning, the party is starting to wilt and the majority of the patrons are out on the balcony having a smoke. You’re about to call it a night when suddenly Dylan C gets up on the decks and by the end of the first song he drops the dance floor is crowded again. And it usually stays that way till last call.

Now that summer is here and the holidays are upon us, there couldn’t be a better way to kick 2012 in the arse and give 2013 a big sloppy kiss hello than by kicking up your heels and dancing the night away. Luckily for us all, Dylan has a whole mess of gigs planned for the holiday period. As well as all the usual ones around town (check out our gig guide) he’s also playing both days at Northern Base over New Years, supporting Funkommunity up at our favourite summer home away from home, Leigh Sawmill, on January 5th and then playing at a very special Base event over on Waiheke Island at Sandbar on January 11th (more details about that one coming soon).

The lucky bastard is about to head off to Rarotonga for Christmas so if your days are missing his selecta styles, check out his mixcloud page for a massive supply of playlists and replays of his shows. Follow him on twitter to stay in the loop for upcoming gigs and live #NPs.

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