Featured Base DJ – Benn Morrison

Written by on February 17, 2013


This week’s featured DJ is Benn Morrison of Tuesday night’s Sifty Goodness show. Benn is playing a set at our first Radiowaves for 2013, this Saturday (Feb 23) at Rakinos. Make sure you tune into his show from 6 – 8pm on Tuesday night to get an idea of what kind of tastiness is in store for you on the dance floor this weekend.

*When and how did you get into DJing?
I have always been really passionate about music and always wanted to learn to DJ but struggled to afford the setup costs, so seven years ago after changing jobs and getting a promotion I took a gamble and bought my friends turnies with the promise that if I stopped using them or stopped loving it I would sell them. I forced myself to practice at least 1 hour per night for the first 18 months (my flatmates at the time were VERY tolerant) then started getting work and have never really looked back.

*When did you start DJing at Base?
Good question….  I think around 4 years ago.. After harassing Jazz at gigs for a while she gave me the opportunity do some fill in shows to shut me up, then I got a chance to share JCDC’s show and have been a regular ever since.

*What song got you out of bed this morning?
Collie Stuff – The Chosen Few

*Favourite show on Base?
The Headspace with Dylan C
Or  Low Maintenance with Lokey

*What track do you open with to revive a dying dance floor?
Everyday people – Arrested Development

*What do you do for fun when you’re not DJing?
Just put in a veggie garden, cooking, talking smack with friends.

*Favourite summer spot in Auckland?
Any sunny spot with good people and good music.

*Your signature dish to impress friends with?
Peri Peri Chicken Enchiladas

*Dream party or venue to DJ at the top of your wishlist?
Glastonbury (mainstage stage afternoon set)
or the Royal Albert Hall in UK

*Favourite bar?

*Top 3 concerts of all time?
-Any two of the 5 Splores I’ve been to.

*Favourite music festival in NZ?
Splore .. no contest.


Photo credit : Charlie Lim for Snapstar

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