CD of the Week: EDDIE NUMBERS "Another Day In Paradise"

Written by on May 11, 2012

Monday 14th May

EDDIE NUMBERS ‘Another day In Paradise’

This album was recorded in New Zealand by the band, mixed and mastered by Mike Nielsen at Moda Sound Studios, Istanbul.  Neilson has worked with Jamiroquai, UnderworldKRS ONE and numerous other international acts.

‘Another Day In Paradise’ can be described as an alternative Hip Hop recording.

Over the past two years EddieNumbers have honed their live sound performing at big festivals, significant show cases and countless clubs and bars across the country. The group were adamant they wanted to portray aspects of their live performance on their debut record. As opposed to being an M.C or rap group with a band EddieNumbers are a band. Evidenced in the way the album was recorded. Live drums, played by the group’s drummer, musical director and producer, Regal Norris. Live bass and guitar courtesy of Ben Healey.  Edgar Mahon is the MC  and Tyla Pere is the bands vocalist. These members plus the Bands DJ Baz are the Five members who make up Eddie Numbers. These are the five members who deliver the high caliber live performances that an increasing audience are coming to experience. These are the Five who present, Another Day in Paradise.

Guest Musicians include jazz/keyboard legend, Alan Brown and Funkomunity’s supremely talented Marika Hodgeson on bass guitar for the track ‘If you listen’. Also featured on the songs ‘Office’ and ‘You Don’t Know’ is horns duo Tim Baker and Jonny McCleanappearing courtesy of Tahuna Breaks. This recording exploits a balance between synthetic and live instrumentation.

The album release party will be held May 19th at Ponsonby Social Club, Auckland.

Track Listing

1. Right Now

2. You Don’t Know

3. Another Day in Paradise

4. Problem

5. Welcome You Home

6. #Friends Basket

7. If you listen

8. Office

9. Never Rap Again



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