CD of the Week: HOME BREW "Home Brew"

Written by on April 27, 2012

HOME BREW "Home Brew"

Monday 30th April. 2012

HOME BREW “Home Brew”

Tom Scott has a vision; He has his own story to tell and he has enlisted a great ensemble of musicians, vocalists and producers to help bring this vision to life. Without be pretentious about it, the album addresses the concept of balance. It’s a record that looks back at Saturday’s moment of madness through Sunday’s moment of clarity. Disc 1 (or A-side) being “Light” (the party, the fun times) as represented in the first single “Yellow Snot Funk”. Disc 2 (the B-side) “Dark” is the balance to the the fun times, the comedown, perfectly represented in the 2nd single “Plastic Magic”. The concept is best explained in Tom Scott’s own words:

“The other side of it is that you wake up the next day, shit ain;t the same ya know, you’re like hiding in your room and shit.. We wanted to capture that, capture both sides it so we had to make a double album to explain that…. There’s some dark shit on the album, on the b-side there’s definitely some dark shit.”

HOME BREW – Home Brew deluxe album out 4th May. Pre-order the album from iTunes from 13th April



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