Written by on May 24, 2012

Saturday midday – 2pm with DJ PAUSE & SCIZZORHANDS

Peace Of Dreams is about following your dreams and finding peace in living that life. It also has meaning in every piece of art has someone’s dreams and hopes attached to it (whatever that may be). Dj Pause has been DJing since 1991 and he plays pieces of other peoples dreams for his own peace. The different pieces of the musical pie include:

80% Soulful Hip Hop with the vibe of 1993 – 1996
10% Soul
10% Funk
5% House
5% Gansta Southern Rap

Previous Radio

  • Beats n Pieces Radio Show 1994 – 1999 – RDU – Christchurch
  • Main Sauce Hip Hop Show 1999 – 2003 – Christchurch
  • Holla Mix Show – 2004 – 2007 – Tahu FM – Christchurch


  • 2003 South Island I.T.F champ



















DJ Scizzorhands has been DJing since he was 18 and has already made it to Redbull Thre3style World Champs but joining Peace Of Dreams marks his first time blessing the air waves on a weekly basis.

On the show he plays a range of different HipHop and the odd Track pre 80’s – usually the original tracks that were Sampled for HipHop tracks… When DJing a gig he plays alot of Old Skool Hip Hop and anthems with the odd obscure oldie so expect some of that to creep in to the mix from time to time.


Current track