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One of the country’s biggest Hip-Hop innovators, David Dallas, has released the brand new single ‘Fit In’. This is the first official single from his new studio album due out late April. Production for the new single is at the hands of Melbourne-based Styalz Fuego and Nic M, evoking the feeling of an updated take […]

The release of the fourth single “It’s The Future Knocking” from Pitch Black’s latest album Filtered Senses comes just before they play their final shows in New Zealand. After a slew of summer festivals that saw the electronic duo return home to tour their 5th studio album Filtered Senses, the pair play their final NZ show at […]

AmmoNation is a collective of musicians, producers and creative minds with the aim of pushing the boundaries to capacity. A preview if what’s to come on their debut EP, ‘Forever’ brings together various members of AmmoNation, combining their various talents for to deliver a fresh take on summery vibe, upbeat hiphop. AmmoNation presents ‘FOREVER’. Credits: Recorded […]

Accidental Meetings is the track from the self titled EP, the first of 2017 and a long awaited release from the Chaos In The CBD boys. Chaos In The CBD‘s Ben & Louis Helliker-Hales team up with long-time friend and collaborator Jon Sable to present the new label ‘In Dust We Trust.’ In Dust We […]

A Neo-Soul singer, Yayné has the ability to blend classic smooth vocal styles with future flows and scats, using clever lyrics to keep the listener connected to what matters the most; the music. Her debut EP ‘Simple Pleasure’ plays on the two sides of pleasure; that which we so often yearn for. One being the […]

Following a year of co-writing and songwriting sessions abroad, Louis Baker has just released ‘Gave It All Away’. The song has been released as two versions: a strikingly raw, acoustic version recorded by Baker, and as an electronic track produced by Fat Freddy’s Drop legend behind the MPC, Mu Written alone by the young Wellington songwriter, the song […]

To coincide with the women marches that occurred on a global scale recently, New Zealand and Australian Hip Hop link up for the remix of Raiza Biza’s “Strong Woman”. The original version is taken from African-New Zealander artist Raiza Biza’s “Day & Night” EP who reached out to African-Australian REMI for a verse as they […]

Like so many new tracks, this one arrived via email. We missed it initially as it arrived on the first day back after the holiday break, but when we got around to opening the email it contained a link to soundcloud and this brief message: “I’m a bedroom producer from Auckland. My producer name is Kotare and […]

Over the last few years we’ve seen the rise of a new breed of local producers who push a fresh production sound. No longer focusing on the tradition of boom-bap beats as a platform for MCs to rhyme over, what we’re hearing now are different creations altogether: heavy bass combined with intricate drum programming to be appreciated as stand-alone […]

HIGH HØØPS is the solo project from Auckland based creative, Jordan Arts. He is one fifth of LEISURE as well as a a visual director. These songs come late in the night, it’s not unusual for a HØØPS session to go until sunrise. “I’ve been basically locking myself in a home studio hot-boxed with incense […]

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