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Where are you from and did your hometown influence your music taste?
He uri ahau no Tauranga Moana
Ko Mauao te maunga
Ko Te Awanuiārangi Moana
Ko Ngāi Tuwhiwhia rāua ko Ngāti Tapu ngā hapū
Ko Ngai Te Rangi me Ngāti Ranginui ngā iwi
Ko Opureora rāua ko Waikari ngā marae
Ko Dena Moana Jacob ahau
Tihei Mauri Ora

I grew up in the Mount. I had a bro that hosted and DJ’d the underage nightclub. Hed let me
carry his records and do BMPs on each record.Sad guy! Said I could DJ if I knew how to set
them up and plug em in!
Music made me feel good – a song for every teenage emotion haha
I grew up w all the rap lords adorning my room Public Enemy, Ice Cube, Dr Dre, Snoop
Dogg etc.
My parents would jam ZZ Top,AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix through to Kenny Dale, Kenny Rogers
and Dolly Parton- talk about musical diversity.
I was given music by my sister and the haumis’ – fresh back from the states they were
bumping all sorts of goodness off the back of the first Upper Hutt Posse tours! Too Short, Ice
T, Buju Banton, Barrington Levy, Dianna Ross, Stevie.The lists are long!


What started your passion for djing / selecting / collecting?

My Ego haha. Thinking I was better than everyone else! Also my big sister and love of
Do you have experience in the radio world? If yes, when, where and what?
Yes, Base FM and KFM and Wellington student radio MUNT FM.
Do you have any regular gigs or residencies where people can check you out? If yes, when,
and where?
No – but I need one! I don’t even charge that much :P
What music are you mostly drawn to? And is this different to what your sets consist of?
I’m beat driven – I will play what feels good to me – I’m a wairua DJ. Influences wide
Known to play gangster rap, hip hop, dancehall, and reggae w splashes of dnb, soul, funk,
and dance. Mash up a dem!
Do you have any history with Base? If yes, what is your history?
My Partner at the creation of Base FM hosted the breakfast show. They were award winning
in that show time. There is a photo of him and our eldest daughter on the Base wall ( she
looks 2yrs old in the pic – she’s 19yrs old now!)

I was the Base FM “It’s yours” campaign poster girl because the marketing girl at the time
was awesome! Haha!

I also hosted Suga drive Mondays 4-6pm w Jillski.

What is your show name and what does it mean?
Te Pō w Phaze (name gifted by my big sister and vote endorsed by the Instagram fans)
Te Pō – The Perpetual Night
From the empty void comes the night and the realm of Te Pō – the perpetual night. Te Pō
long solitary periods are flooded in shades of darkness: Te Pō (the dark night); Te Pō-nui (the
great night); Te Pō-roa (the long night); Te Pō-uriuri (the deep night); Te Pō-tangotango (the
intensely dark night). These are the names of a place where no light exists. However, within
this darkness come moments of movement – the conscious stirring of being, the beginnings
of a change towards the realm of becoming. Te Pō explores the dimensions of night, shadow
and form that exist in the darkness of Te Pō. Te Pō explores concepts about states of being
and ideas about a transformation which is starting to take place. Within the final state of Te
Pō-tahuri-mai-ki-taiao (the night of turning towards the revealed world) we start to see the
restless movements of life begin.
-Nigel Borell
The many Phazes of Phaze ��

Do you have any social media accounts you'd like connected to your show profile?
Let’s hangout on Twitter

Any additional information you would like us to know?
Bring back the sound clashes! Friendly music comp between stations/DJ’s/genres/! who has
the best beats by audience vote wins !

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