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Monday 4:00 pm 6:00 pm

Wine & Dine

What started your passion for djing / selecting / collecting?
I graduated from Elam School of Fine arts in 2017. I’m a multimedia artist, working in
video, sound, photography, painting and creative writing. I was the drummer in the
band Hospital Sports and appeared on the first self-titled album and following EP.
Since then have created two soundtracks; one for a puppet show by Tom Tuke called
“Paloma and the Do of Death” and another for an art project with drag artist Jimmy
Nola. All these different things inform each other, and collecting special music is now also
a part of my art practice. I had the urge to hoard CD’s from a young age, mostly rock music. I was always
interested in knowing what different artists sounded like, and filing that away, even if
they weren’t my thing. Growing up, my parents were playing Simply Red, Sade, The
Eurythmics and Herbie Hancock. My older brother Alex was into drum and bass, so I
first saw how fun mixing could be through him. Although, the main thing that got me
into DJing was going to parties, dancing all night and learning what I enjoyed. I
bought a pair of ancient CDJ1000s off Trade Me a few years ago and went from there!

Do you have experience in the radio world? If yes, when, where and what?
None! I love listening to radio though, I think it’s such an awesome medium. It’s
comforting that it’s always there, and you never know who might be listening.
Do you have any regular gigs or residencies where people can check you out? If yes, when
and where?
I play live gigs as they come up and I promote them on my Instagram page @Pinot__v

Enjoy fruity flavours and happy hour vibes with Pinot V. Expect percussive jams, silly mixes and big dance energy. BYO Pinot.

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