Breaking Artists (August 2020)

Written by on August 4, 2020

‘Breaking Artists’ on Base is a monthly feature where we pick 3 local artists and showcase 3 new tracks we think you should know. All ‘Breaking Artists’ tracks are fresh and featured for the entire month so we can push their music far and wide.

This month’s picks!…

SCRIBE – Dreaming (Hyan Dnb Flip)

First of this weeks picks is bit of DnB madness with a smooth vibe from Hyan.

Hyan is a producer, DJ, MC and Uncle to all based in Tamaki. Hyan’s style is influenced by a wide range of genres, with hip hop and dance music always being at the forefront. Not shy to get his groove on during a DJ set, Hyan’s energy and live edits are reflected in his production with recognisable vocal sampling, dancehall sections and heavy references to Kiwi culture.

Hyan also combines his love for music and fashion when hosting Checks Downtown Radio, a fortnightly mix show in collaboration with Kiwi clothing brand Checks. The show Focuses on Pushing new and unreleased Kiwi music & interviewing musicians and cultural influences.

With ‘support your local’ tattooed across the side of his head, Hyan’s mission is always pushing positive energy thru sound and celebrating Aotearoa’s individuality, music and pop culture.

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Tree ‘Afio Ane Loa’

‘Afio Ane Loa’ is the latest single by the artist Tree and it’s her first single completely in the Samoan language. An ensemble close to her heart that reflects the themes of Pacific women strength, Female empowerment, Heritage and most importantly Reclamation of one’s cultural identity which are just some of the aspects that have shaped our pacific women today.

A song inspired by Uili Pao, penned by Tupulua Tupulua and Co-written and arranged by Quincy Filiga, produced by Fejoint Production and made with the support of NZ On Air. It tells the story of the beauty and grace of our most prized possession in the Samoan Culture – ‘The Taupou/Augafa’apae’ (also known as a Samoan Maiden/princess – Daughter of the highest chief). She is fierce, fearless yet graceful in her every movement, to being strong and posed with mannerisms refelcting her status as royalty. The beauty of this track is the skilful use of the Samoan Language metaphorically and poetically, all woven in by a soothing melody line.

‘Afio Ane Loa’ also has a beautifully shot short film and music video.

The video begins with a poem speaking to the strength of Pacific women, written by Quincy Filiga and performed by Milan Cowley-Lupo, Tree Manu’s nana Matā’afa Silaumua Pulelisi and Tree.

Check it out.

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Will McClean – Front desk

‘Can’t Sleep, I’m Dreaming’ is the fourth and most recent project released by rapper Will McClean. Born and raised with the perfect balance of city and coastal living, Will McClean has been grinding in a basement working out his place in this world with the help of a pen and some words.

With three EP’s released in 2019 on Soundcloud, and one in January 2020. Will has been busy working on his craft.

Taking inspiration from artists such as Mac Miller, J Cole and Tom Scott to name a few; his laid back style is intertwined with a message to spread peace and love to other humans and to this earth.

Working on countless projects and events, Will is crunching the numbers to find out what works best for him in the Wellington Hip Hop scene and beyond.

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‘Breaking Artists’ is a feature on Base FM where we pick 3 local artists and showcase 3 new tracks we think you should know. All ‘Breaking Artists’ on Base tracks are fresh and featured for the entire month and  brought to you by NZ On Air Music! Tune in weekdays to hear this month’s picks. 

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