Breaking Artist (December 2021)

Written by on December 1, 2021

‘Breaking Artists’ on Base is a monthly feature where we pick 3 local artists and showcase 3 new tracks we think you should know. All ‘Breaking Artists’ tracks are fresh and featured for the entire month so that we can push their music far and wide.

This month’s picks…

Jackson Taylor – Floatin’

Jackson Taylor is a fresh new rapper/singer on the New Zealand music scene! He comes from the top of the North Island in a town called Te Kao but he has have been based in Dunedin for the last 4 years, working on various music projects. Music is his life, with the ultimate goal being to do what he love’s until the day he die.

Backed with a cruisey mellow beat, Jackson Taylors bars are ushered in with sample preaching self acceptance. ‘Floatin’ chronicles what small time life is like, and the importance of music to keeo you going.

Matt Bizzle ft. Sandy Mill – Gonna Get me Through

Auckland producer and saxophone personality Matt Bizzle, releases his brand new single ‘Gonna Get Me Through’, featuring Sandy Mill. This track is upbeat and encompasses a mix of disco and house flavours, while featuring Bizzles’ signature saxophone and soulful vocals from international artist Sandy Mill.

Matt Bizzle and Sandy Mills “Gonna Get Me Through” is a ray of sunshine sure to brighten you up. This song’s message comes at a crucial time, as parts of New Zealand have been feeling hopeless in prolonged lockdowns over the past couple of months. The purpose of this track is to remind listeners to stay grounded, appreciate their friends and whanau and serves as a reminder that together we can always make it through.

Oceans Before Me, Kalala, Marina, Vox Dawn and La Coco – ‘Carry On The Walk

The soulful new offering from Oceans Before Me ‘Carry On The Walk’ is the second single from their forthcoming debut album Daughters of the Dawn, although it was the very last song to be added to the final track listing.

Written across seas and lockdowns, Oceans Before Me artists La Coco, KALALA MARINA and Vox Dawn built up the track layer by layer, recording vocals on their phones and recruiting producer Hamish Townsend to finesse the beat. Bookending ‘Carry On The Walk’ are the voices of Tigilau Ness, Melani Anae and Etta Gillon — Polynesian Vāhine telling their stories of the Dawn Raids.

La Coco, KALALA, MARINA and Vox Dawn take turns on verses exploring their roles to play as Daughters of the Dawn, and “the inevitable existence to take on the baton, to hold fast and carry on in the same strength, resilience and perseverance as they did”. Co-initiator of the Dawn Raid apology petition Benji Timu directed and edited his own and Conan Fitzpatrick’s footage into the patchwork, documentary-style visuals for the new track.

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