Featured Base DJ – Baz!

Written by on August 15, 2012

Our friends over at Entertainme have started featuring stories about different Base FM DJs every week. Get used to seeing more of these stories pop up here now as they spread the word about all the wonderfully talented people with the dopest music taste in our Base family. This week we have Baz!

Base DJ Baz is a testament to how far someone can come in a short amount of time with some drive and a true passion for music and beats. Baz first turned up at Base as a young designer who’d just started his own underground hiphop culture magazine, Distorted View. The magazine is published in limited runs but keep an eye out in cool spots around the city for a copy.

He soon joined the Brew Up crew with veteran DJ TDK and beat maker Haz from Homebrew for their Wednesday afternoon show. Baz started out as a host, letting listeners know what was going on around town. Before long though, under the wise guidance of Haz and TDK, Baz was getting behind the decks too.

Baz is now the DJ for hiphop group Eddie Numbers, who’ve just released their first video, as a follow up to the debut album they released earlier this year. When he’s not holding down the beats for the Numbers crew, Baz can be found tearing up dance floors around town with various DJing gigs.

This Friday night (August 17) you can catch Baz in a DJ battle with the MC/bandmate and fellow Base DJ, Eddie Numbers at Khuja for the DJ Scizzorhands Vs The World party. The guys have already started talking shit on twitter and things are heating up so you don’t want to miss this. Base DJs Grantis, TDK and D-Form are also playing before Scizzorhands so it’s definitely going to be a big night!

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