TRUTH ft. FLOWDAN ‘Madman’

Written by on August 20, 2014


Legendary duo Truth, exhibit their full musical versatility and mastery on their delicious new 14-track album, “Hollow World”, available on Firepower Records. The infamous New ZealandersAndre Fernandez and Tristan Roake, aka Truth, have been championed as leaders in the scene years ago, with their one of a kind production and DJ sets which have massed them worldwide praise throughout the process. Now, again revealing their hard work and overwhelming creativity, they have forged a top notch album that fires from smooth dark deep house to malevolent bass-bin flexing dubstep, all sinister enough to makeeven fairy-tales feel like your darkest dreams. Their earth shattering creation truly shows us that light does not necessarily triumph evil, although they have plenty of both sounds on this amazing collection of their musical art.

“The album is a story–it has a cinematic feel. Our aim was to create a suspended reality, so the listeners felt like they were in another world, or even dimension. The music grabs you and drags you into the strange, murky depths of the world of Truth.”

“Madman” featurues vocals from the notorious UK rapper Flowdan, who reveals to us why he’s a king, as he drops murder on the track like a calculated psycho with his finger on the trigger.

“Working with people like Flowdan has been a long time coming. It was 9 or 10 months ago at Outlook festival when we first connected and came up with the idea of collaborating, and finally here it is! We couldn’t be more stoked with the result. Linking up with Joker was a happy coincidence, both members of Truth on tour and in San Francisco when Joker rolled through town and ended up crashing at our mate Taso’s pad. Naturally we got in the studio and just smashed the track out.” | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | SOUNDCLOUD | BANDCAMP | BEATPORT

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