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For Daimon Schwalger, aka The Nomad, 2013 was a year best forgotten. A series of unfortunate events led a move to Te Tai Poutini, the West coast of the South Island of New Zealand, to regroup and to record. There overlooking the ocean, the seventh Nomad album ‘7’ was produced in just eight weeks in an outbreak of cathartic creativity …proving when life gives you lemons, make beats.

Featuring vocals from local reggae superstar Israel Starr, London’s Lotek, Jamaica-direct Dexta Malawi, Caroline Agostini, Christina Roberts & His Majesty the King Kapisi… The Nomad’s arrangements span the dub, the trap, the grime, and the drum and the bass. The album contains 14 diverse tracks, spanning most genres of the sub-bass spectrum. The result sounds fresh, though definitely constructed by somebody with over two decades of production experience, seven album releases, and hundreds of gigs to his name.

The Nomad makes music that pushes the boundaries and combines a unique blend of reggae, dubstep, drum & bass and electronica. For Daimon Schwalger aka The Nomad, the wandering existence has been all about building strong connections with people and places. He shares the story of his journey through the creation and celebration of independent music.

One of the many highlights from the album is ‘Seductive Wolf Eyes’, which features Wanaka vocalist Christina Roberts from the duo Aloha Or Die. This deep, downtempo track contains some serious low end frequenices, while providing plenty of space for the vocals to shine.

THE NOMAD ‘7’ is available now through itunes and | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | SOUNDCLOUD | YOUTUBE

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