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Written by on April 15, 2016


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Welcome to our weekly feature where we round up our favourite articles/videos/music from around the internet this week and let you know our picks for things happening in the city this weekend:


We promised you we’d bring you more info on Record Store Day and our friend Peter McLennan (aka Ring The Alarm’s Peter Mac on every Saturday 10am – 12pm) has the best all encompassing guide not just for Auckland but the whole country.

This visual representation of the history of sampling is one of the coolest things we’ve watched in a while. And of course the mix, created by Eclectic Method, goes in.

Here at the Base FM office we relieve stress by watching videos of people destroying their washing machines. It’s strangely cathartic and soothing.

David Farrier’s Sundance selected documentary ‘Tickled’ premiered in New Zealand this week. Check out this interview with Farrier to find out more about this film that started off as something light but quickly became very bizarre and then quite dark.

Need some late night tunes for your weekend? DJ Vadim and Mr Critical just released this dope mix of reggae, jungle and roots tunes. Om Unit and Red Bull Studios have released this 1 hour mix full of jungle, drum & bass, and ‘weirdstep’ in the lead up to his show at Neck Of The Woods this month. Robert Glasper is building even more anticipation for his Miles Davis tribute album with this teaser track featuring Bilal. Watch the video and then preorder the album (due May 27). But one of the most exciting music releases this week? The release of J Dilla’s long lost vocal album “The Diary”. Mad Appeal Recs have released a couple of tracks on Soundcloud along with a link to the preorder on iTunes.

It’s the weekend so sure, why not: Every Disney song ranked from worst to best

But if you’re looking for something a little more crunchy to sink your teeth into this weekend you’ll need the best documentaries available on Youtube  

The British contingent at Base FM, and many of who have been influenced in some way by British pop culture, were saddened this week to hear of the passing of Howard Marks aka Mr Nice

The good people at Dazed Magazine love an upbeat LSD story and their latest piece describes a new study that seems to be offering more solid proof of the drug’s positive pointsTbh we’re mostly into the trippy psychedelic cat gif.


Tonight Grime superstar D Double E is at Neck Of The Woods. After seeing Novelist on the same stage last Friday we’re even more hype for this.

Hollie Smith and her full band are releasing her new album Water Or Gold at Tuning Fork in Parnell.

The Wuk It Up crew are at Cassette Nine tonight along with Brazilian Beat Soundsystem, Chica Licorica and Azbo.

Tomorrow night we’re saying goodbye to The Ginger Minx, a place that had become a gathering place for many Base FM people.

Also on tomorrow night are DnB heavyweights Cyantific and Mob Tactics are on at Neck Of The Woods with support from Rhyas and Skelta.



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