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Dropping a couple of weeks before Christmas, Leonard Charles unveiled his latest single which features Detroit MC Guilty Simpson. Leonard Charles is the most recent musical project from Jeremy Toy, who has forged a long-lasting production and performance career with the likes of Opensouls, Hollie Smith, The Tornadoes, She’s So Rad, Aaradhna etc. Leonard Charles […]

This week’s LOCAL EYES video is from Drummer, producer, DJ and visual artist Julien Dyne. This will be the first track is off his forthcoming 4th album Teal. ‘Hours’ features the vocalist Ladi6. Dyne also recruited talented friends including Brandon Haru (keyboards), John Bell (vibraphone), Lord Echo (bass) and Jonathan Crayford (Rhodes piano) to piece the song together. The video is animation by Frances Haszard and produced by Gayle […]

Drummer, producer, DJ and visual artist Julien Dyne, is preparing to release his 4th album Teal. This week, Base FM has the honour of previewing the first single ‘Hours’ featuring vocalist Ladi6, with the video / single dropping on 15th September. Teal will be released via BBE (worldwide) and Wonderful Noise (Japan) Check the preview below, or […]

CAVE CIRCLES is the alias of Wellington-based musician Riki Gooch. As one of the founding members of TrinityRoots, Riki Gooch built a solid reputation as a drummer who would explore left-field rhythm patterns, without ever losing focus on the groove. This was explored in more depth with his first solo project Eru Dangerspiel, which resulted […]

TALKING POINTS on Base FM – hosted by Dylan C (thanks to NZ On Air Music) Date: August 2015 Guest reviewer: Isaac Aesili Featured release: VARIOUS ARTISTS ‘Conglomerates’ Link: https://soundcloud.com/wonderfulnoise/va-conglomerate-wncd010teaser Featured track #1: JULIEN DYNE ‘Maddingos’ Featured track #2: ISAAC AESILI ‘Space Migration’ Featured track #3: LORD ECHO ft. MARA TK ‘Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow’ Isaac Aesili is […]

Japanese label Wonderful Noise continues it’s strong link to New Zealand music with compilation due out December 2014.  ‘Conglomorates’ will be released as a CD plus 3 very limited vinyl samples, all featuring NZ artists who have an existing relationship with the label. The compilation features Julien Dyne, Christoph El Truento, Shanalog, Submariner, Riki Gooch, […]

ARTIST : Christoph El Truento TITLE : Sunflower LABEL : WONDERFUL NOISE CAT # : WN12027 FORMAT : 7inch Vinyl(40g vinyl w/Sleeve) Release In late NOV 2012 Produced by Christoph El Truento, Drums by Julien Dyne, Horn arranged by Isaac Aesili (Funkommunity), Guitar by Si-Res. This stunning piece of music from Christoph El Truento is […]

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