Date: November Guest reviewer: SAMBORA aka Sam Trevethick (Shapeshifter / Peacekeepers) Featured release: FAT FREDDYS DROP ‘Based On A True Story’ Released: 2005 Link to release: Featured track #1: RAY RAY Featured track #2: ROADY Featured track #3: DEL FUEGO SAMBORA is a multi instrumentalist and is responsible for the Keys, Guitar & Percussion in the band Shapeshifter – […]

25 Artists bringing you over 12 Hours of Music: The Peacekeepers (DJ Sambora & MC P Digsss) Sorceress  Sunshine SoundSystem (DJ Downtown Brown & MC PDigsss) Latinaotearoa The Waiheke International Soul Orchestra Optimus Gryme & Third Law Gull & Rhyas Bobby Brazuka – Isaac Aesili Hosted by PDigsss From High Noon with an outdoor stage in […]

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