EVENT: Sun Sets Waiheke (7th Jan)

Written by on December 16, 2016

25 Artists bringing you over 12 Hours of Music:

The Peacekeepers (DJ Sambora & MC P Digsss)
Sunshine SoundSystem (DJ Downtown Brown & MC PDigsss)
The Waiheke International Soul Orchestra
Optimus Gryme & Third Law
Gull & Rhyas
Bobby Brazuka – Isaac Aesili
Hosted by PDigsss

From High Noon with an outdoor stage in a seaside location:

7th January 2017
Matiatia Bay, Waiheke Island
From Midday – Late

Limited pre-sales $45
$50 on the door

Matiatia Bay is Waiheke’s most western harbour, and as such has brilliant sunsets, and is a convenient place to put a wharf for ferries coming in from the west. It is also a convenient place to have a beautiful outdoor stage the venue is just a 2 minute walk from the ferry.The last boat heads back at 12:30am, and we’re done right on the dot, so it’s a right little Cinderella story if you are coming across from the city. You probably will kick your slippers off too. Come and take in a cracker day in the sun with some hearty folk on an Island in the beautiful Hauraki Gulf. You can’t go wrong.

This will be a very intimate show. We are not just SAYING that tickets will be in very limited supply. You do not want to snooze on these.
Strictly Limited Presales on the $45.
$50 on the Door IF available.

Intimate Show – Strictly limited capacity.

The Peacekeepers (Sambora & MC PDigsss)
The Peacekeepers are a side project of Shapeshifter members Sambora, Nicky Research, and P Digsss.
P Digsss, a punk metal, Prince loving misfit who found home at the skate park and behind the microphone before DJing, Snowboarding & Motorbikes took up way too much of his time.
Sambora, founding member of Shapeshifter and producer/multi instrumentalist, started his DJ career spinning DnB in Christchurch in 2001, before soon adopting a full spectrum genre palette.
Countless worldwide shows later, the group’s original, dance floor
only productions have crept into their sets, between a DJ selection that is guaranteed to raise eyebrows for its originality, whilst keeping the crowd amping.
Peacekeepers vast musical pedigree ensures their sets are diverse. With a focus on keeping the party jumping, the tempo shifts from deep grooves to cracked up adrenaline spiked stompers, with the members strong Drum and Bass/ Jungle heritage also influencing proceedings.

Sorceress (formerly Funkommunity) is a band founded in 2011 by vocalist Rachel Fraser and producer Isaac Aesili. From humble beginnings Sorceress quickly evolved into one of the most
widely respected Soul Electronica acts in New Zealand (nominated as finalists for Best Electronica Album at the 2014 New Zealand Music Awards). Their debut album ‘Chequered Thoughts’ was
released in 2012 to worldwide acclaim leading the band to tour Europe and Japan. In 2013, expanding on their outstanding debut Sorceress explored new directions in soul electronica, making further studio excursions into synth based jazz textures, deep subterranean basslines and the soulful vocals of Rachel Fraser. Their 2nd album ‘Dose’ was released in 2014 by New York based label Wonderwheel Recordings. Sorceress performs live as a 4 piece band including drummer Myele Manzanza (BBE, formerly Electric Wire Hustle) and bass player Marika Hodgson. In 2016 Sorceress toured the UK including performances at Glastonbury Festival and the Jazz Cafe in London. Their new album is due to drop in 2017.

Latinaotearoa came from the concept of blending local flavours with the colourful cultures of South America.
Brazilian born Auckland DJ Bobby Brazuka brought together Venezuelan singer Jennifer Zea to create a unique live performance. Bobby’s Latin influenced soul-funk and hip hop selections were layered with Jennifer’s ravishing vocals.
The local response was so positive the trio decided to test international waters in 2012 by taking their sound to Australia and Europe. It was soon apparent that this was not just a recipe for kiwi appetites – bustling crowds meant promoters were quick to discuss future tours. This natural progression and a desire to develop musically led to what felt like an inevitable next step; new and original productions to season an already flavoursome set.
Three years, two albums and countless tours later, Latinaotearoa continues to go from strength to strength. Debut album Latinaotearoa was nominated for Best Roots Album at the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards in 2013, creating deserved exposure for the band. It provided momentum for their follow-up album, Latinaotearoa in Latinoamerica, which was recorded in 2014 in the colourful surrounds of Brazil, enabling the group to delve into their Latin roots for inspiration.
Regulars to the Splore and Womad Festivals, Latinaotearoa have become a recognised name in New Zealand and are at the heart of the local Latin community. The bands international gigs are growing in size and popularity, with Australian and European tours now a regular part of their already busy calendar. From South America to Aotearoa and all across the globe, this fiery outfit delivers an energetic and exciting set for anyone lucky enough to see them perform. They’ve achieved so much in such a short time, but with dedication and passion towards their music and at the core of everything they do, the world is guaranteed to see so much more.

Optimus Gryme  
Charlie B aka OPTIMUS GRYME is a self taught producer who has been tapping away on beats for just over a decade. In 1998 Charlie started experimenting with trip hop and breaks, but it was his love for cutting edge breakbeats and massive basslines that drew Charlie into the world of drum and bass in 1999. Since then Charlie has immersed himself in all things Phat!
In 2000 Charlie promoted some of New Zealand’s first ever hip hop & dnb fusion gigs, with P Money, Manuel Bundy, MC Green and Imon Starr, rhyming and scratching over Subtronix’s 48 Sonic, Riddle, Motion and Nick D (then known as Trick D).
In 2002 Charlie founded ‘Offbeat Records’ which promoted loads of events over a 4 year period, bringing Concord Dawn, Timmy Schumacher, Angela Fisken, Greg Churchill and DJ Sirvere to the backblocks of Waiheke Island.
In 2006 Charlie started his 2 year stint as host of ROLL TV, a nationwide TV show dedicated to drum and bass, where he interviewed world class producers Chris.Su, Bryan G, D Bridge, Limewax and Artificial Intelligence just to name a few.
2006 also saw Charlie appointed as label manager for Concord Dawn’s ‘Uprising Records’, which he managed for 6 months before moving on to become drum and bass editor of the ‘Infusion Magazine’.
In 2007 Charlie teamed up with DJ Swindle to host Kiwi FM’s ‘NZ Drum & Bass Show’, which is now know as the NZ Electronic Show and is hosted by Absolute Value.
Charlie has been Djing for 15 years and has performed all over Australasia, and at some of NZ’s largest gigs including CoroGold, Rhythm & Vines, La Da Da, Phat, Our House, Illuminate, Groove in the Park and numerous Deep, Hard & Funky events.
Charlie has a unique drive and passion for beats. He has truly dedicated his life to music, and given all he has done over the past 10 years, there is no doubt that he does it all for the love.

Sunshine SoundSystem featuring MC P Digsss.
Sunshine Sound System formed when DJ Downtown Brown (aka Simon Hendl) and P Digsss (aka Paora Apera) got together for a jam in Queenstown in 2000 and we’ve been doin it on a casual and irie basis ever since, adding more souljahs on the way. MC KPZ (Kyle Popham) aka Killa Puha joined the family in 2001, followed by younger brother MC Switch (Staun Popham) in 2004.
As P-Diggss commitments with shapeshifter expand, he manages only a handful of sunshine gigs per year, so we are very lucky he has taken the reigns for this special intimate event on Waiheke Island.
Downtown Brown has a back catalogue extending back to ’97, consisting of originals and remixes, some of which remain unreleased, and some which have trickled out on white label 12”s and CD compilations. His now infamous NYC Moving 12”, which sampled MJ’s Billy Jean drew acclaim from as far afield as the UK where praise in IDJ and Mixmag helped to catalyse a 6 week European tour in 02.
Remixes for Christchurch funk band P Bass Expressway (“Easyride”) dropped in 2005 through Heavy Soul Aotearoa.
2005 thru 2007 has seen a number of bootleg remix projects emerge with underground radio and DJ support. A 2009 remix for the Black Seeds featuring MC Switch and Mighty Asterix released in 2010.

The Waiheke International Soul Orchestra

The Waiheke International Soul Orchestra is a 10 piece electronic/soul/funk/r’n’b collective. A highly interactive and powerful live experience, the group incorporate live instrumentation including drums, bass, percussion and two sensational female backing vocalists into the mix alongside uplifting and beat driven electronica. Old school soul meets neo-soul meets a melting pot of textures, sounds, and poly rhythms and they are sexy to boot.

With over 16 years of DJ experience behind him, this man knows how to party! Rhyas has stamped a reputation as one of the country’s leading Drum & Bass DJ’s, having played alongside some of the biggest and most influential names in Drum & Bass such as Roni Size, Doc Scott, dBridge, Photek, LTJ Bukem and Andy C being just the tip of the iceberg. Rhyas was also a resident DJ at Dunedin’s legendary ‘Bath St’ nightclub as well as being a regular at Auckland’s home of Drum & Bass, ‘FU Bar’, and Queenstown’s late, great, ‘Subculture’. Former co-host of ‘SBK Radio’ on Dunedin’s ‘Radio One’ and former host of ‘Split Radio’ on Auckland’s UPFM, expect a plethora of goodness. Anything from Liquid to Jungle and everything in between. Get ready to get down; this is serious business.

Isaac Aesili  
Originally from Christchurch, Isaac Aesili is an Auckland-based multi-instrumentalist, singer, DJ and producer who specialises in trumpet. He is of mixed Guyananese, Maori and Pakeha heritage, and the mix of cultures can be heard throughout his music. Musically, he started in 1995 winning the national NZ youth trumpet award at Tauranga Jazz Festival, and started the soul fusion band Solaa in the late 1990s with friends, and since then has been part of Opensouls, Eru Dangerspiel, the Tornadoes, and the Recloose Live Band.
He released his debut solo album Eye See in 2009. More recently he co-founded Latin Aotearoa, a Latin-inspired sound system with Brazilian DJ Bobby Brazuka and Venezuelan singer Jennifer Zea. He also released an album as the Karl Marx Project with his younger brother Mark McNeill in 2010, and currently is part of the successful Lord Echo band.
He has also toured as a session musician and singer with live jungle drum and bass, reggae and soul/funk groups Shapeshifter, House Of Shem, Trinity Roots, Eru Dangerspiel and The Tornadoes, and he also attended the Red Bull Music Academy in Seattle in 2005. He is currently the band leader of Auckland electronic soul band Sorceress.
This diverse mix of influences and musical styles has become a hallmark of Aesili’s “future soul music” over the past 15 years.
A prolific collaborator Isaac has produced and released songs with artists such as Aaradhna, Ladi6, Electric Wire Hustle, Grooveman Spot, Chaos in the CBD and Julien Dyne. His session work includes recording horns for Crowded House and Osunlade. As a DJ and producer Isaac fuses Electronica with Soul, Funk and Afro/Latino influences. Isaac’s debut solo album ‘Eye See’ was released in 2011 closely followed by a sci-fi concept album made with his brother Mark McNeill ‘The Karlmarx Project‘ by Karlmarx (MPM/Loop). Also in 2011 Isaac founded Soul Electronica band Sorceress (formerly Funkommunity) with vocalist Rachel Fraser. Their debut album ‘Chequered Thoughts’ was internationally acclaimed and Sorceress spent 2012 touring Europe and Japan. Isaac’s music has featured on Okayplayer and Soul Bounce and has been played by Djs such as Benji B, Gilles Peterson and Lefto. In 2014, New York based label Wonderwheel Recordings released ‘Dose’ by Sorceress, after finishing the production of Dose Isaac produced Latinaotearoa’s second album ‘Latinoamerica’ which was recorded in Brazil and New Zealand. In 2015-16 Isaac is working on his long awaited sophomore solo album and a new Karlmarx project.
Isaac’s music that is rooted in soul but incorporates everything from the classical and jazz sounds his adopted father was passionate about, to house music, R&B (“as a teenager that was the music I taped off the radio”), electronica, and those swinging South American-meets-Caribbean rhythms of his Guyanese heritage.

Bobby Brazuka 
Bobbito Brazuka was born and bred in Sao Paulo, Brazil where he developed his love for Samba, Bossa, Funk and Hip Hop on his teenage years.
When he moved to Auckland, New Zealand his musical love mixed with other influences from his adopted land such as Dub, Reggae and Drum’n’Bass.
A Brazilian Japanese based in New Zealand Bobbito Brazuka wears his bicultural roots on his sleeve. Literally – ask him nicely and he will proudly show off his tattoos depicting his connection to Aotearoa ( New Zealand ), the importance of his family back in Brazil and his love of music and football. And just like the artwork etched on his arms, his records tell a story.
Bobbito Brazuka a World Citizen.

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