This week’s Local Eye is from Auckland-based vocalist Ladi6 with her colourful video for new single ‘Diagonals‘. The song is a bouncy, soulful celebration of accepting yourself, quirks and all, created by the combined talents of Tamati, Parks, Brandon Haru and Julien Dyne, who also just dropped his killer solo album Teal. The cartoony video is a collaborative creation directed by Thievery […]

Australian label Low Key Source has dropped their first mix CD, a beast of an album mixed by Base FM’s very own Dylan C, and made up of music out of its extensive catalogue of releases. Low Key Source Vol 1 features tracks from The Roots newest member Stro Elliot, Australia’s Coin Banks, PlaneFace, Mohi […]

  The finalists have been announced for the 2018 Vodafone Pacific Music Awards, and Berlin-based neo-soul singer Noah Slee is leading with four nominations. New Zealand-born, Berlin-based neo-soul singer Noah Slee leads the 25 finalists who are set to be honoured at the Pacific Music Awards ceremony on 24 May at the Vodafone Events Centre […]

CAVE CIRCLES is the alias of Wellington-based musician Riki Gooch. As one of the founding members of TrinityRoots, Riki Gooch built a solid reputation as a drummer who would explore left-field rhythm patterns, without ever losing focus on the groove. This was explored in more depth with his first solo project Eru Dangerspiel, which resulted […]

The Ladi 6 Alpha Sessions In 2015  the band introduced The Alpha Sessions. They brought their studio set-up, vintage keyboards, drum machines and all on stage. Through live, in-the-moment improvisation, they turned these freestyle jam sessions into the songs that birthed BEFFY and inspired their new recording projects. And in 2016 the Alpha Sessions went […]

   TALKING POINTS on Base FM – hosted by Dylan C Thanks to NZ On Air Music Date: February 2017 Guest reviewer: Parks (Ladi 6) Featured release: SILICON ‘Personal Computer’ Released: 2015 Featured track #1: CELLPHONE Featured track #2: I CAN SEE PARADISE Featured track #3: DOPE SILICON is the solo project conceived by multi-instrumentalist […]

  The single BEFFY and the accompanying visuals made by longtime collaborator Parallel Teeth usher in an all new project for Ladi, Parks, Julien Dyne, and Brandon Haru, the four musicians collectively known as Ladi6, it’s the sound of a band focused on feel over thought. “This time around we wanted to get away from […]

This Weeks LOCAL EYES video is Ladi6 with her latest single ‘Beffy’ produced in collaboration with Parks and B. Haru. The video features animation by Robert Wallace from Parallel Teeth ‘Beffy’ is the first single of a new project to be released later this year by Ladi6 and the crew, most of which has been inspired by […]

With their new single ‘Beffy’, Ladi6 reframe the 90s/early 2000s neo-soul and hip-hop sound their early music was built on inside a krautrock inspired electronic frame. Concise, colourful and heartfelt, it’s the sound of a band focused on feel over thought. “This time around we wanted to get away from making a specific type of […]

Throughout the Month of May, Base FM will be digging into the local music archives to present 20 essential NZ releases that we feel reflect the sound of Base FM. Spanning the last 20+ years, we’ve focused on releases which continue to play a part in the sound you hear on Base FM, and releases […]

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