LADI6 ‘Guru’

Written by on May 15, 2017

The Ladi 6 Alpha Sessions
In 2015  the band introduced The Alpha Sessions. They brought their studio set-up, vintage keyboards, drum machines and all on stage. Through live, in-the-moment improvisation, they turned these freestyle jam sessions into the songs that birthed BEFFY and inspired their new recording projects.

And in 2016 the Alpha Sessions went national. Once again bringing the band’s studio space out into the public domain. Live in a freestyle environment in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch Ladi6 will deconstruct, recreate, create from scratch and air out re-worked versions of some of their Ladi6 favourites as well as introduce their new material to the stage.

Guru‘ is the newest release and a result of the last two years of Alpha Sessions from Ladi6 and her band of astounding musicians. This track is taken from Ladi’s upcoming EP ‘Royal Blue 3000‘ due to be released on the 2nd of June.

“Ladi6 has once again flipped the script to create the Royal Blue 3000 EP. The result is an adventurous vivid wash of copacetic synaesthesthetics, that revels in process disruption without sacrificing scrupulous songcraft, continuing as they started Ladi and Parks share their unusual decision to strip back their normally four piece to a soundsystem duo to rock the regions first.”

Starting in the South Island, the 1st of June in Queenstown and finishing on the 1st of July in Russell. Grab your tickets HERE.



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