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‘Need You’ is the latest musical offering from Wellington musician/producer Paddy Fred. Inspired by the West Coast beat-scene and a chance encounter with Flying Lotus and his creative cronies in their LA headquarters, Paddy Fred’s sound is full of surreal, psychedelic synth-soul vibes. “I made the guts of ‘Need you’ from the 1st 4 seconds of […]

Alt-beatmaker Estère releases a remix of ‘Reptilian Journey’, on Friday 25th September by acclaimed producer and soul musician Jordan Rakei. The remix creates a new species of Reptile, in that it transforms the sparse scuttling layers of Estère’s original creation, into chunkier synth infused funk alluding to a different type of Reptilian creature. Of the […]

  Catch the Paddy Fred Band’s debut live performance this Saturday at Neck Of The Woods, with support from Side Steps Quintet, K*Saba, Hone Be Good and Coco-M Paddy Fred: FACEBOOK | TWITTER | SOUNDCLOUD HIGH HØØPS: FACEBOOK | TWITTER | SOUNDCLOUD – Turn It Up is a feature on Base FM where we showcase a new […]

Straight from the Windy City of Wellington, The Paddy Fred Live Band are set to take over Neck of the Woods on Saturday the 8th of August with friends The Side Steps Quintet, K-Saba, Honebegood and Coco-M. Having spent time remixing tunes by the likes of Louis Baker and Estere, he emerges from the studio […]

This week on Base FM we feature a fresh track from Wellington-based producer Paddy Fred (Harbour City Electric) featuring vocalist Alby Love (aka Louis Baker). The first single from Paddy Fred’s forthcoming debut “Laminate” EP, is an ambient-tinged, leftfield, R&B jam! Alby Love’s vocals at times float within the beat, while at moments soar high […]

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