PADDY FRED ‘Need You feat. AHAB’

Written by on November 1, 2016


‘Need You’ is the latest musical offering from Wellington musician/producer Paddy Fred.

Inspired by the West Coast beat-scene and a chance encounter with Flying Lotus and his creative cronies in their LA headquarters, Paddy Fred’s sound is full of surreal, psychedelic synth-soul vibes.

“I made the guts of ‘Need you’ from the 1st 4 seconds of ‘Visions’ by Stevie Wonder. Heaps of re-tuning / verb-ing out of samples.
Ahab is a Random old fisherman I met while I was fishing in Wellington… We got talking and he said he used to sing. He said if I sent him a track he will record something for me. I didn’t think he would send me anything as he smelled like rum and wasn’t making much sense…
Sent him ‘Need You’ instrumental and he sent me back the vocals a day later with all the effects and filters and what not on em. Couldn’t believe it!
All he said in the email was. “Call me Ahab, after Captain Ahab of Moby Dick” and that the lyrics are apparently about a big kingfish that dragged him and his dingy out to sea when he was a kid”  
-Paddy Fred 


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