Jonathan Crayford

This week’s LOCAL EYES video is from Drummer, producer, DJ and visual artist Julien Dyne. This will be the first track is off his forthcoming 4th album Teal. ‘Hours’ features the vocalist Ladi6. Dyne also recruited talented friends including Brandon Haru (keyboards), John Bell (vibraphone), Lord Echo (bass) and Jonathan Crayford (Rhodes piano) to piece the song together. The video is animation by Frances Haszard and produced by Gayle […]

For the past 6 years Myele Manzanza has turned heads internationally traveling the globe with Wellington’s acclaimed modern soul group, Electric Wire Hustle, and he has also performed and recorded alongside many of New Zealand’s finest including Mark de Clive Lowe, The Recloose Live Band, Olmecha Supreme, Ria Hall and Deva Mahal to name a […]

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