MYELE MANZANZA ‘Plain Gold RIng (Kimbra/Crayford Salute)’

Written by on January 1, 2014


For the past 6 years Myele Manzanza has turned heads internationally traveling the globe with Wellington’s acclaimed modern soul group, Electric Wire Hustle, and he has also performed and recorded alongside many of New Zealand’s finest including Mark de Clive Lowe, The Recloose Live Band, Olmecha Supreme, Ria Hall and Deva Mahal to name a few.

As a solo artist / band leader the hip hop/ electronic / funk productions that can be found on his solo debut are given life through the assembly of the colourful and charismatic ‘Myele Manzanza & The Eclectic‘ comprised of top New Zealand talents, most of whom also feature on the album.

To explore his passion for Jazz music Myele also recently formed The Myele Manzanza Trio whose modern and refreshing approach secured their first international appearance as the selected support to Los Angeles based maestro Miguel Atwood-Ferguson’s Ensemble as part of his upcoming performances in Sydney and Australia’s 2013 Melbourne International Jazz Festival.

Plain Gold Ring” is the first release from the ongoing “Manstandards” series.

Saluting 2 of my favourite NZ musicians Kimbra and Jonathan Crayford in this flip of Kimbra’s cover of Nina Simone ‘Plain Gold Ring’ from her album ‘Vows‘, and Jonathan’s piano from new album ‘Rita’s Blue River Stone‘.

In my mind, the original source material from Kimbra and Jonathan are masterpieces in their own right, and both ‘Vows’ and ‘RBRS’ contain some of the best music to come from New Zealand artists to date. I did my thing on the remix, but the music they made was so good that the track more or less made itself. – Myele Manzanza

Check the original versions here:
JONATHON CRAYFORD ‘Rita’s Blue River Stone’ | KIMBRA ‘Vows’


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