Shiraz & LSJ – Foreva feat. Ranuimarz

Written by on January 26, 2021

This week’s Local Eyes is from Underground Auckland rap duo Shiraz & LSJ, who have penned a poignant tribute track “dedicated to those who have passed on” in ‘Foreva’ which features Ranuimarz of Polynesian rap collective Risera crew.

You can also see Ranuimarz in the latest 64 Bars, Created by Aotearoa hip hop veteran David Dallas, Red Bull’s 64 Bars premiered back in 2016, surfacing a dynamic array of underground talent from Auckland’s hip hop scene. Since their initiation, 64 Bars performers including MELODOWNZ, Eno x Dirty’s Dirty, Church & AP’s Church Leon, JessB, and many more, have gone on to become some of New Zealand’s most respected and successful rappers.

This year, the 64 Bars rite of passage returns full circle with it’s latest installment, Your Favourite Rapper’s Favourite Rapper. The new season features rappers MELODOWNZ, JessB, and Dirty, returning from the original season to nominate a rising rapper for their 64 Bars debut; passing the torch to the next wave of Aotearoa talent.
For the first episode of the third season of 64 Bars, MELODOWNZ nominates fellow West Auckland local Ranuimarz. “When they hear Ranuimarz they know exactly where I’m from and what I represent: to out speak the system and be a voice for people of this land,” Ranuimarz says, before stepping in the booth to deliver a thunderous performance.

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