Next Gen Series Presented by Base FM & Haumako

Written by on January 28, 2021

Base FM, Haumako, UNESCO & Mangere Arts proudly present Next-Gen Series, the first event kicking off on Waitangi day running from 12-2 PM alongside the Mangere markets.

Alongside some local emerging talent and as well as established artists, the Next-Gen Series will also be showcasing Base’s very own youth mentees, giving them a chance to show off their freshly learned skills.  Base DJ Grassmouth recently worked with Matai, Betsy, and Karina from Managere Central School to provide mentorship with all things radio. At the end of the program, they had gained more confidence in themselves and managed to take away some neat little skill sets.

Next-Gens first lineup features: JARNA & Freddy Reynold.


20-year-old R&B songstress JARNA’s love of music started growing from a young age as she started to sing karaoke at the age of 4 to picking up a guitar when she was only 9 years old. Since then she’s seen multiple songs in the NZ Hot Singles charts including “Chill”, “Crush”, “Do Mi Dirti”, and collaborations with bKIDD (“Can’t take this”) & Mikey Mayz (“Freak”). JARNA has also recently dropped her debut mixtape, ‘Memoirs For The Brokenhearted’ that will take you on a journey that is perfectly summed up by the title itself. She is also a member of the up and coming creative collective known as Young & $lept On or ‘Y$O’. Y$O was founded by R&B/Hiphop artist Sam V.


Freddy Reynold

Born and bred in South Auckland, 25-year-old emcee Freddy Reynold is loud and proud of his roots, first-generation Samoan, his eyes are set firmly on the International stage, ready to rep Aotearoa and the Pacific. Reynold’s 2020 EP release, Pre Party is about letting go of insecurities, pride, ego, doubt and fear. It’s about picking up the ball and running straight through obstacles. Pre Party is a work between Reynold and production partner Abraham Kunin (The Dalai Lama, Home Brew, Teeks, Rush Wepiha, Phodiso). Their collaboration has sculpted a hybrid HipHop/Pop often UK-leaning sound, showcasing Reynold’s range and attention to detail as an artist.


Join us on Waitangi day at to Mangere Arts Centre’s courtyard for a family friendly day out!

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