Sunday Sounds

Written by on August 13, 2008

Sundays 12-2pm with OSCAR, SAM & ARRAN

Long time listener, first time DJ. Oscar’s Sunday Sounds is a show kicking off with accoustic and electric, no money, no women blues. Things usually pick up in the tempo stakes but the vein remains the same. Ranging from early ‘rhythm and blues’ to 50’s guitar instrumentals to raw soul to Phil Spectors girl group heyday tunes.

He also makes art, check out:


A competition was set, who has the best sounds between Sam Burns and Oscar Low? Well that’s how it all started back in late 2008. With like-wise tastes of old skool Ska/Reggae through to 1960’s Soul and Funk and add a splash of dirty rock, that was pretty much the base for the duo known as Sunday Sounds. 

Burns is the balance to Low’s already avid listeners, just like salt is to pepper and knife is to fork…. and now Burns is to Low!

Photo: Oscar & Sam “Turn this knob, we need more bass”

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