Drunk Elephant Sound System

Written by on August 13, 2008

Saturday Nights 10pm – Midnight with OoGun

OoGun is a Nigerian who started off DJing on legendary early UK Internet pirate radio station Interface and various clubs around London. He’s played everything from Afrobeat to Jungle to Detroit Techno (you want to see his collection of Underground Resistance 12’s). After moving to Auckland in 2006, he hooked up with Tommy Flowers to help do the Friday Morning breakfast show where he dropped assorted African Hip Hop tunes and a-bit-too-early-in-the-morning banter till early-rising Baseheads were eventually spared when he got a day job.

label -afrorelease 4.gif

Shortly after, he received his Elephant-herding certificate by proving he could handle an unruly elephant even after 15 pints of Jager and began to do the Drunk Elephant Sound System show (named after the realisation that dubstep sounds like a pissed elephant wandering thru the forest). It’s also the name of the label he runs to put out Dubstep.

He also produces Dubstep as OoGuN, which means there’s always a fair sprinkling of exclusive dubs from NZ and overseas producers who he’s been playing swapsies with. He’s especially chuffed that his show’s moved to 8pm -10pm on Sundays, so he no longer has to stagger out of the studios on a busy Sunday afternoon.

As OoGuN he’s played with most international Dubstep DJs on their NZ tours and is a resident at the fortnightly Dubstep Alliance night.


Drunk Elephant Sound System June_2011 by OoGuN

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