Native Tongues with Yannika and guests ‘NOÉ’, ‘PIKA OCHO’ & ‘Poetik’

Written by on July 12, 2021

This week we had a jam packed show with 3 amazing guest artists! We caught up with the talented musician ‘NOÉ‘ and get the scoop on how his track ‘Ice cream’ got T-Pain’s attention. We did a live phone interview across the ditch to Australian based R&B artist ‘Pika Ocho‘ about his debut single ‘Dearest Madeline’ and how the lyrics and music video was based on his true story PLUS we get an inside scoop on ‘Poetik’s latest album ‘Poetik Justice’ with the man himself.


NOÉ – Never Over
GUEST INTERVIEW WITH NOÉ (Timestamp 02:32 to 11:08)
NOÉ – ice cream
NOÉ – vila de romā

WATCH T-Pain’s reaction to NOÉ’s track here:

Sam V X EDY – Dreamstate

DTP – Don’t Start

GUEST INTERVIEW WITH PIKA OCHO (Timestamp 26:04 to 40:38)
Pika Ocho – Dearest Madeline (ft. Aye Blocc, Keniye Moala & Vallé)

Poetik – Can’t Help Myself

GUEST INTERVIEW WITH POETIK (Timestamp 48:00 to 01:22:00)
Poetik – Around Here Part Lua
Poetik – Samaori
Poetik – Vailima Bottle
Poetik – All In
Poetik – Bosslane

Eno x Dirty – Nobody Knows (ft. Tom Scott)

Sven Illy – So Saxy ft. Ryan La Valette

Native Tongues is a one hour show of new music from local artists curated and hosted by Yannika. Big thanks to NZ On Air Music. Tune in every Monday 3pm-4pm. Launched in late 2011, Native Tongues is a show dedicated to uncovering the freshest in underground music from Aotearoa. From bedroom producers who are just starting out through to artists with multiple releases on international labels, Native Tongues showcases the true sound of the underground. Native Tongues highlights new music & new artists to the show each week, focusing more on emcees, beat makers, producers & electronic music.

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