Native Tongues 30 November 2020

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This week on Native Tongues!….

Featured Artist: Church & AP
Track: Happy Song ft. Deadforest

Fresh off claiming best hip-hop act at the Aotearoa Music Awards last week on the 1 year anniversary of their debut album ‘Teeth’, Church & AP have further cemented this status with ‘Happy Song’.

Recorded at Stebbings Studio the week before New Zealand went into lock down, YKK came up clutch with ‘Happy Song’. While we’re use to hearing a certain experimental style of hip-hop from Church & AP, ‘Happy Song’ feels like more of a classic 90s rap song. Proving their versatility as artists, the duo find a laid back flow over in-house producer Dera Meelan’s beat which feels like a perfect late summer evening hip-hop track.

Much like their opening track from their ‘TEETH’ album, ‘Happy Song’ starts with a DeadForest verse with Church Leon hook and AP coming in to show he’s a top tier MC. Towards the end of the track, the group pay homage to fellow hip-hop group and pioneers A Tribe Called Quest with their own take on ‘Can I Kick It?’.

Featured Artist: bKIDD
Tracks: ‘Drift Away’, ‘Gimme Gimme’, ‘Need Dat Pt2 ft. Scribe’

With the positive reaction to 2019’s track ‘NEED DAT’, bKIDD decided to enlist Aotearoa Hip-hop heavyweight, Scribe for a ‘NEED DAT pt. 2’. This is the first feature Scribe has shared in years. His verse reminds us exactly why Scribe is regarded as one of the greatest in New Zealand. With his own verse, bKIDD delivers something that not only holds his own against his idol, but proves that he one of the generations rising lyricists.

The album ‘DARK DAYS TURN NIGHT’ (DDTN) is here. bKIDD’s anticipated follow up to ‘The Milkman project’. DDTN is a more gritty rollercoaster of emotions compared to his earlier work. ‘The days were as dark as the nights…’ bKIDD describes the time in his life while these songs were being made and written.

Featured Artist: Eliezer
Featured Tracks: ‘Running’, ‘Trippy’, ‘Lemon with a Twist’

Eliezer is a London born, Auckand raised rapper, singer, songwriter who produces and engineers all of his music with his best friend Jake a.k.a ‘Ten.Oh’ when he was 14 through online gaming.

‘Love Me’ is his second album and is a journey of self reflection and self discovery. The 10 track album is an experimental genre bending project that is best descriped as Psychedelic Hip Hop.

Featured Artist: Uts.
Featured Tracks: ‘Cuppa Tea’, ‘Bananas’, ‘When the Shoe fits’

Uts. is an independent Maori/Samoan artist/beatmaker born in Auckland, raised in Kaitaia and currently based in Australia. He’s been featured on Native Tongues since early January and also marked as a Breaking Artist. His debut album titled “02.12.95” dropped this week and he had a chat to Yannika via phone live on the show.

Featured Artist: Risera
Featured Tracks: ‘Fo Tha Ranui – Marae Version’, ‘West AK Dubz’, ‘You Don’t See’

It’s a week for debuts and heavy hitters Risera dropped their first EP titled ‘The Old Testament’.

Featured Artist: Disciple Pati
Featured Track: ATMA

Disciple Pati made her debut in December last year with the award winning track ‘The Boy Who Cried Woman’ and now she’s back with a follow up single ‘Atma.

Atma takes a hard turn towards electronic/pop with this introspective, but energetic track. Combining Leaping Tiger’s instantly recognisable precussive sound with Disciple Pati’s lower register. The song and lyric video are a product of a talented team, Leaping Tiger on production while Dera Meelan mixed and arranged.

Featured Artist: Villette
Featured Track: ‘Angle’

Following up from her earlier single ‘Curious’, Villette dropped a surprise single ‘Angle’, produced by EDY.

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Launched in late 2011, Native Tongues is a 1 hour show dedicated to uncovering the freshest in underground music from Aotearoa. From bedroom producers who are just starting out through to artists with multiple releases on international labels, Native Tongues showcases the true sound of the underground.

Native Tongues highlights new music & new artists to the show each week, focusing more on emcees, beat makers, producers & electronic music.

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