Native Tongues 14 December 2020 with Guests Surinder Jayruth + JAYTEE $LAYA

Written by on December 16, 2020

This week on Native Tongues!…

Featured Artist: Poetik, Raggadat Cris
Featured Track: ‘FAME’

Award winning artist Poetik is known for his outspoken opinions on racism, Polynesian culture, mainstream media and for putting Samoan Hip Hop on the map.

Raggadat Cris ‘Chris Tongi’ grew up in South Auckland but now resides in Australia where he juggles family life and music. Chris is hugely influenced by his upbringing as a Tongan, which he portrays in his family life and music.

Featured Artist: MELODOWNZ
Featured Track: ‘Big Deals feat. Diggy Dupé

Going out with a bang to finish this year off, Melodownz has dropped ‘BIG DEALS’ featuring Diggy Dupé.

Featured Artist: Raiza Biza
Featured Track: ‘Around The Way’

Brand new track ‘Around The Way’ from Raiza Biza. The saxophone infused single, plays like more of a soundtrack to a warm summer night with a love interest and is the second single from his yet to be named, upcoming album out in early 2021.

Featured Artist: Luap The Don
Featured Tracks: ‘Took Chances feat. Ron Moala, Mr Sicc’, ‘Forsaken’

His second EP under ‘For The Ville’ titled ‘Miscellaneous’, Luap The Don has dedicated this E.P to his Aunty Wenny.

Featured Artist: Gino October
Featured Track: ‘TMD TMN Remix feat. Kobie Dee’

Featured Artists: BENJAMIN & NWAK
Featured Tracks: ‘Sittin Round feat. JUSTDIRTY’, ‘Waiting For You’


Featured Artist: Silas Futura
Featured Track: ‘Precious’

Featured Artist: Casual Healing
Featured Tracks: ‘Pain Killer ft.HOWARD.THE.FATHER x THE CUZ’, ‘Amble’


Wellington artist ‘Casually Healing’ creates Surfy-Indy-Raga-Hop.  A tasteful collection of refreshing original music and hand-plucked covers, you can dance, cry, laugh or dance-cry-laugh to the mellow-musical-mindfulness of Casual Healing.


Featured Artist: Ta-ku
Featured Track: ‘Make You Wanna’


Based in Australia and of Filipino and Māori heritage, Producer Ta-Ku is an astute observer of the melodic elements of soul music and the percussive elements of hip-hop, Ta-Ku takes influence from pioneering beatsmiths such as J Dilla, 9th Wonder and DJ Premier.

Featured Artist: Surinder Jayruth
Featured Tracks:
Start Menu/Intro
Can I
What to do (feat. JARNA)
God Are You There

Featured Artist: bKIDD, LNGSLV
Featured Track: ‘WUSSDAT?!’

‘WUSSDAT?!’ off bKIDD’s debut album ‘DARK DAYS TURN NIGHT’. ‘WUSSDAT?!’ is what you ask a person when they switch up on you. It’s a unique kiwi take on UK grime and features Auckland Central rapper LNGSLV and produced by ‘Jaytee $laya‘.

Native Tongues is a one hour show of new music from local artists curated and hosted by Yannika. Big thanks to NZ On Air Music. Tune in live every Monday 3pm-4pm.

Launched in late 2011, Native Tongues is a 1 hour show dedicated to uncovering the freshest in underground music from Aotearoa. From bedroom producers who are just starting out through to artists with multiple releases on international labels, Native Tongues showcases the true sound of the underground.

Native Tongues highlights new music & new artists to the show each week, focusing more on emcees, beat makers, producers & electronic music.

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