Kahika ‘Mutual Gathering’

Written by on December 22, 2020

This week’s Local Eyes is from Kahika, the kiwi trio (Geo Seato, Trent Ward, Jonathan Hislop) who grew up together and are named after the blossom of the Pohutukawa. Mutual Gathering, while largely instrumental/electronic, has its roots in the idea of people co-existing with and enjoying nature.

In the music video, the Polynesian concept of Mana (a life-force that permeates the universe) is metaphorically visualised as bioluminescence to show the mutual connection between flora (the forest) and fauna (us). These organic forms were filmed real-time, with glowing visuals made possible with a projector, light form and an outdoor generator. Complimenting the bioluminescence are various aerial videos of the beauty of Aotearoa. In Maori mythology, some tribes tried to enhance their own Mana. One’s Mana could also be lost due to harmful deeds. If Mana is present in every living thing, then it is our personal interpretation that respecting nature is a way to invite more Mana into your life, and a careless attitude towards our native flora is a sure way to lose it.


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